Edmonton nanotech to provide better, more reliable COVID testing

Applied Quantum Materials (AQM), a local nanotechnology firm has reached an agreement with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to provide nucleic acid extraction kits for use in the province’s COVID-19 testing program. AQM is a world leader in the research, development and synthesis of nanoparticles for a broad range of applications including sensors, energy, semiconductor lithography and bio-diagnostics.

Prior to COVID, AQM’s focus was on delivering products to international customers for a wide scope of uses – biotechnology was just one of many sectors that benefits from their technology. But the pandemic saw them pivot their operations to focus on the immediate needs they saw developing in the health system. According to AQM CEO, Dr. David Antoniuk, while it took some time to secure the contract with AHS, developing the extraction kits was straightforward.

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