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We have helped 1000s of Alberta Tech companies get the talent they need to take them forward and build momentum. Get the right person for your needs and grow your business. With job seeker connections across Alberta’s innovation community and educational institutions, this is your chance to scale your company with local talent.

2023 FIRST Jobs Interim Impact Report


TechBOOST (Technology Business – Optimization, Operations, Scaleup, Talent) Program is a pan-Albertan initiative aimed at fostering the growth of tech-based Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses – and is being launched Summer 2024

Building off of the foundations of the original FIRST Jobs Program, TechBOOST will work with partners and deliver incremental HR support through TechHRCatalyst and work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities through FIRST Jobs.

This program is supported by the Government of Alberta, Alberta Innovates (Ecosystem Development Program Partnership), and PrairiesCan.

"We are very pleased to open our Call for Interest for TechBOOST Advisory Committee Members. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in providing input to the needs of Alberta’s tech companies, students, and post-secondaries – as we work with partners to build out this program for the benefit of all regions of Alberta.”

For More Information on the TechBOOST Advisory Committee please see the following links/documents

Interested parties should submit a 1-page Statement of Interest to, or through this Form by August 7, 2024.


An HR Program targeted specifically to tech SMBs – offered uniquely by Technology Alberta. We will build your in-house HR capacity, teaching your team to be self-sufficient from costly recruiters and specialists. 

TechHR Catalyst support is centered around four core principles:

  1. Attraction- crafting the right job description, determining job type, applicant screening
  2. Acquisition- hosting quality interviews, analyzing and assessing candidates, salary negotiations, onboarding
  3. Retention- benefits of your company, long term raises
  4. Promotion- employee career paths, advancement opportunities

Business Eligibility

Companies that Technology Alberta will support through TechBOOST meet the following criteria:

    • Are Scale-Ups* 
        • *Generating revenue outside of grants
        • Expanding their business 
    • Have current hiring needs, but do not have a designated HR staff member at the company
    • Are working in one or more of the following industries within the technology sector:
          • Data Enabled Innovation
          • Digital Transformation
          • CleanTech
          • Innovative Production Distribution 
  • Will participate in TechHR Catalyst Program curriculum, with benchmarks and progress surveys
Preference will be given to businesses that have not previously participated in the FIRST Jobs or NExT Level Careers programs from Technology Alberta.

Jobseeker Eligibility

  • Alberta residents
  • Studying at one of Alberta’s post-secondary institutions 
    • Recent graduates up to 1 year of graduation date ARE eligible for TechBOOST
  • Looking for work-integrated learning opportunities in the technology sector
  • Eager to work at a small, entrepreneurial business

For hires to be fundable under TechBOOST, they must be actively working on a project related to the technology used or created by the applying company. 

FIRST Jobs Program: Past Iterations

The FIRST (First Industrial Research, Science, or Technology) Jobs placement program by Technology Alberta, with support from the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada, created employment opportunities for students and recent graduates in Alberta through 2024. The FIRST Jobs Program aims to connect innovative technology SMEs with talent from post-secondary institutions across Alberta.

FIRST Jobs 200

200 Hours 10 hours per week
  • Intern Stipend: $4,000*
  • Company Reimbursement: $4,000 (100%)**

NExT Level Careers

100 Hours
  • Intern Stipend: $2,000
  • Company Reimbursement: $2,000 (100%)

FIRST Jobs 250

250 Hours 15-20 hours per week
  • Intern Stipend: $5,000*
  • Company Reimbursement: $4,000 (80%)**

FIRST Jobs: Scale-Up

500 Hours 30-40 hours per week (Full-time)
  • Intern Stipend: $10,000*
  • Company Reimbursement: $7,500 (75%)**

*Interns are paid $20/hr in all programs

**Companies are required to pay students, and then apply for reimbursement (details outlined in contract with Technology Alberta)

***Companies may participate in only one FIRST Jobs: Scale-Up work term