Working Together to Grow Alberta’s Technology Sector

Technology Alberta is a collaborative partner and an important connector for academia, industry, and government organizations in the ever-changing technology sector. As an informed partner and valuable information source, we engage across Alberta with tech entrepreneurs to provide insights on current needs and gaps, as well as collaborate with ecosystem partners to provide valuable guidance.

With a focus on Knowledge, Talent, and Community, we’re committed to partnering and fostering a thriving innovation community in Alberta.

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Informed Expertise

Partnering with Technology Alberta provides access to insights, trends, and developments within the sector. Stay informed about the latest advancements, job market trends, and emerging trends.

Creating Connection Opportunities

We work with the innovation community to bring together academic institutions, industry players, and government agencies – for the benefit of Alberta entrepreneurial tech companies. By joining us at events and partnering with us for programs, you gain access to a diverse network of innovative tech companies, job seekers, and other valuable network connections.

Information Source and Resource Hub

As an rich-source of information on Alberta tech SMEs, we showcase resources, reports, and data that can guide decisions and strategies. Whether it’s market analysis, talent insights, or technology trends – we aim to provide the necessary information to aid in informed decision-making.

Guidance for Supporting Alberta Tech Companies

We are dedicated to helping academia, industry, and government partners better understand the current priorities and needs of Alberta’s Tech Companies – that if addressed, will better enable tech sector growth. Whether you’re looking to foster talent, support innovation, or understand market needs – our expertise, reports, roundtables, and connections can help inform your initiatives in Alberta’s technology sector.