Sustainability Advisory

You have a great idea, and you have created a company to develop and build that idea. So, what makes your SME a ‘going concern’?

  • Why would investors invest?
  • Why would individuals or businesses buy from your company?

“The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 index of leading US companies has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today, according to Professor Richard Foster from Yale University.” 19 January 2012 – BBC News, New York

The pandemic has pushed many trends into fast-forward, and this has challenged even the best companies.  No current studies have suggested that the average life expectancy has increased for organizations, rather there has been an accelerated rate in the decrease for longevity.


Technology Alberta is committed to providing companies assistance by:

  • Reviewing trends
  • Assessing relevance
  • Providing context and content with the goal of sharing valuable information for founders, owners, and partners in the areas of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG), as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

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