We’re Committed to Your Success

Our objective is to make Alberta technology entrepreneurs successful by partnering across Alberta’s innovation ecosystem. We help connect you with the people and opportunities that accelerate your company’s growth.

We can help you get there faster. Every year, we help hundreds of Alberta tech companies grow – by helping them find the opportunities and resources they were looking for.

With a focus on Knowledge, Talent, and Community, we’re committed to partnering and fostering a thriving innovation community in Alberta.

If you are facing challenges with...

We can help you...

Talent Support

Finding the right talent is crucial for the growth of any technology company. Technology Alberta provides opportunities to connect you with talent through our extensive network, events and our Tech Job Board. Whether you’re seeking developers, marketers, engineers, designers, or other specialized professionals, our platform is designed to help you attract and recruit the talent your company needs.

Business Opportunity Connections

Connect with other businesses, potential clients, investors, and collaborators to expand your business horizons. Access our community and discover new opportunities to accelerate your company’s growth.

Networking Events & Programs

Access Alberta’s  thriving technology community through  networking events and programs. These events provide an opportunity to meet industry leaders, share insights, and forge valuable connections within the tech community.

Supports & Programs

We understand the challenges of scaling a business. That’s why we provide access to guidance and resources to help you identify and connect with programs and opportunities suitable for your company’s growth.

Establishing New Partnerships

Collaborate and grow your technology business through partnerships with other industry leaders, educational institutions and stakeholders. We facilitate connections and provide the groundwork for establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Professional Training

Gain access to professional development resources, mentorship programs, and training opportunities aimed at enhancing your and your team’s skills and knowledge. Learn from others to help you succeed in a rapidly evolving industry.