About Us

Technology Alberta exists to nurture a dedicated community of people and organizations whose coordinated and collaborative efforts help to make Alberta’s entrepreneurial advanced technology companies the global vendors of choice.

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The community comes together to address the critical aspects of growing a sustainable advanced technology company in Alberta:

  • Selling to domestic and international markets
  • Financing for growth
  • Accessing and funding continuous innovation
  • Attracting and retaining talented people
  • Protecting and building upon our intellectual property
  • Accessing technology and business support services

Our Mandate:  

Grow Alberta’s Tech Sector – by Supporting the Pan-Alberta Growth of Entrepreneurial Technology SMEs 

The Association 

  • 1000 Alberta Tech SMEs in our Alberta Technology Company Directory: ABTEC5000  
  • 750 Jobs Created through our Tech Sector Jobs Programs
  • 5000 Alberta e-Newsletter Subscribers: Tech entrepreneurs, government, industry, academia 
  • 500 Alberta Tech SMEs Showcased each Year: In Weekly Newsletter Features 
  • 7000 LinkedIn Subscribers (Technology Alberta + ASTech Awards + FIRST Jobs Cohort)
  • 200 Tech SMEs in our Programs each Year 
  • 70 E-newsletters per Year 
  • 50 Engaged Team Members: Across Alberta  
  • 15 Years in Operation: As a Grass-Roots Advanced Technology Industry Association  
  • Previously operating as Alberta Information and Communications Technology Council  
  • 10 Board Members: Collaborative Community Builders and Active Entrepreneurs:
    • 50% Edmonton, 50% Calgary: 30% women 
  • All Alberta Post-Secondary students eligible for our FIRST Jobs Programs (Work Integrated Learning)
  • ASTech Awards Advisory supporting the “Academy Awards” of Alberta Science and Technology 

Our Team

FIRST Jobs Program

  • Debra Greig
  • Julia MacKay
  • Christine Seibel
  • Sushmitha Thirumalaivasan

Outreach and Projects 

  • Gail Powley
  • Horazio Carletti
  • Riza Galang
  • Armann Singh
  • Marc Bendico

Our Community 

  • 20 Collaborations:  Industry associations; Centres of Excellence; Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments; EDI (Equity-Diversity-Inclusion) entities, Innovation Ecosystem 
  • 14 Tech-Company Community Partners: Providing in-kind capacity and support for advice and mentorship, marketing, data management, and network growth 
  • 4 Ecosystem Collaborations: Active leadership roles in initiatives of Alberta-wide Value: Alberta Innovates RIN (Regional Innovation Networks), Rainforest Alberta, AMII (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) Seminar Series, ICTC Diversity Initiative 

Our Programs 

  • 300 Tech SMEs and Job Seekers: Growing Alberta Companies with Talent across Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions and interested Job Seekers: 51% STEM, 49% Business and Arts roles  

  • 18 Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions: Represented in our programs through their students 
  • 2 Company Growth/Job Creation Programs (FIRST and NExT): Working with the support of multiple government entities – including Government of Alberta Advanced Education,  Labour and Immigration, and Jobs, Economy and Innovation; PrairiesCan 

The ASTECH Awards 

  • 300 Award-Winners: Captured in short videos on our YouTube Channel 
  • 34th Annual ASTech Awards – November 3, 2023: Now Championed by Technology Alberta – Supporting this Foundational Alberta Tech Sector Community-building Institution which brings Alberta’s innovation champions in government, industry, academia, and entrepreneurship together in partnership – to celebrate and collaboratively build the future. 

Comments from Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program Participants:

1) “Our team is our strength and our success to date has relied on engaging with the young talent in Alberta through internship, research and work experience programs.  That is why we are one of the 50 Alberta tech companies who are pleased to work with Alberta students through programs like the Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs program.”  
– Myrna Bittner, CEO Founder, RUNWITHIT Synthetics 

Company Description: RUNWITHIT is a women-led, Certified Aboriginal and SET100 company –  and a global leading company in advanced, AI-based modelling

2) “The common advice I have always received is the importance of internships and work experience for a student. I see this program as an opportunity to use what I learn in the classroom in real workplace situations, learn from mentors and develop new relationships – which could even help me land a full-time role.”
– Reeyan Maknojiya, Calgary work-integrated-learning student at VizworX

Company Description: VizworX integrates advanced technologies to create innovative and flexible solutions to support human engagement.

3)  “Thanks to the FIRST Jobs program I got an internship and eventually a job. I’m now working as a research scientist there. This couldn’t have happened without the FIRST Jobs program. I’m very thankful for that.” PhD Student/Graduate, Edmonton