PainWorth, The World’s #1 Personal Injury Tool, acquires California Legal-Tech Startup ProSe Claims

Mike Zouhri PainWorth co-founder in hospital after accident

PainWorth—one of 15 winners at the 2021 American Bar Association TechShow—announced today the acquisition of California-based legal-tech company ProSe Claims.

PainWorth has already been turning heads by revolutionizing the claims process for claimants, insurance companies, and lawyers.

The free-to-use PainWorth app makes it possible for injury claimants to easily find out—on their own—what their claim might be worth. Users who choose to self-represent can even use the app to generate the paperwork they need to start their settlement process.

PainWorth’s secret ingredient is its algorithm that automatically scans thousands of past cases to find relevant case law and citations. It then performs all the necessary statistical calculations and arithmetic in seconds—a process that typically takes human economists, claims adjusters, and lawyers dozens of hours.

Indeed, in a recent industry interview, one insurance insider declared that PainWorth was “the future of claims settlement.”

Mike Zouhri—who co-founded PainWorth after being struck by a drunk driver in 2019—is thrilled to finally announce the acquisition:

“While we’ve been working to address access-to-justice problems in Canada, ProSe Claims has been tackling very similar problems in the United States. We’ve been chatting with them for quite some time, and they really believe—just as we do—that the legal system is broken and incredibly slow at delivering justice.”

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