Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association Business Growth Program

Business Growth Program

Whether you have a new product or service or need support expanding the uptake of your energy-saving product or service, you can benefit from the SSRIA Business Growth Program. Each company that participates will receive a customized assessment, roadmap, and coaching to meet their specific needs.

This is a highly valued program, designed to make your business go from good to great. 100% sponsored by SSRIA.


  • Valuable expertise to support your business growth, optimization and productivity at NO COST TO YOU
  • Improve your businesses performance and bottom line while building internal capacity
  • Accelerate and ensure successful expansion in the building industry 

The Business Growth Program will help identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization, as well as opportunities to eliminate waste and increase your competitiveness. It will examine your organization’s productivity along three fundamental pillars: Operations, Innovation as well as Leadership, and Management.

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