Note from the President – January 2022

What a Difference a Year Makes – and Making a Difference this Year

A Year Ago – Technology Alberta, with the support of over 100 entrepreneurial tech companies, stepped up to help keep Alberta Talent in the province by providing over 100 young professionals part-time jobs that inspired them.  At that time – unemployment was high, but the advanced tech sector had already started taking off. With all the demands on their limited time and resources, bringing Alberta-wide talent to the virtual doors of the SME’s was just what they were looking for – and not only did they mentor their part-time new hires, many companies offered them employment after the program:

“Thanks to the FIRST Jobs program I got an internship and eventually a job. I’m now working as a research scientist there. This couldn’t have happened without the FIRST Jobs program. I’m very thankful for that.”

So what is NExT? With funding from government, assistance provided by our many volunteers, and interest from more growing companies – the FIRST Jobs Pilot Program and now NExT Level Companies and Careers programs are continuing into 2022. 

Now it is your turn – how do you want to make a difference in 2022? We would love your help in supporting Alberta’s Growing Tech Sector:

  • Companies: Give Alberta Talent a chance to prove themselves in your company – while growing your company – through government-funded part-time programs Students HERE and Professionals HERE 
  • Job-Seekers: Register for Wednesday’s 10:00am Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program Information Session to learn more about opportunities available. Register HERE, and also apply to these growing entrepreneurial companies – and help them with your expertise Register HERE.  
  • Mentors and Advisors: Are needed in many areas – from Awards Committees, to Professional Development Programs, to Communications Media, to Policy Advisories – your expertise would be greatly appreciated!
  • And additional Volunteers at all levels: Technology Alberta’s volunteers allow us to offer more programs, and we have opportunities in junior to senior roles.

So if this is the year for you to Volunteer – Join in! And if not, we hope you find value in the Newsletter below, and we are happy to serve you – to help you in your role in government, industry, or academia – and in growing a thriving tech sector in Alberta.

Thank you all – and here’s to 2022!

Gail J. Powley, P.Eng
President, Technology Alberta