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Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Pilot Program

6 sessions running from 2021-2023

Applications for Companies accepted for January 2022 cohort until Jan 30.

Purpose of the Program

The FIRST (First Industry Research Science Technology) Jobs program offers a work placement and meaningful work experience for a current student or recent graduate of an Alberta post-secondary institution while supporting the growth of Alberta’s SME Tech Sector. The student placement is to be a remote integrated learning and work experience. Relevant professional topics are situated in the context of the workplace and are offered as a vehicle to enhance workplace performance – both for the young professionals and for the companies themselves.

Eligibility Information

Eligible Technology Companies:

  • Are innovative small-to-medium-sized technology businesses operating in Alberta
  • Are actively hiring and seeking highly qualified professionals to grow their business
  • Will seek to provide an engaging project/work experience to the candidate – that can be completed remotely (due to COVID)
  • Will develop one or more projects to be completed part-time over an approximate 20-week period (~ 200 hours)
  • Will provide a primary company contact who acts as coach, colleague and company liaison
  • Are able to offer a fully supported work term for a current post-secondary student or recent graduate.
  • Are able to create a meaningful part-time work-integrated learning experience for a young professional. (Note: eligible young professionals do not have a previous working relationship with the company)
  • Are creating advanced technologies as their core business
  • Committed to growing the company with local talent.
  • Committed to participating in building a strong tech community in the province.

Companies should be ready to commit to:

  • Pay their young professional the $4000 fellowship allowance prior to program reimbursement. (Eg. $2000 – After week 10 (Reimbursed 2-4 weeks later); Remaining $2000 After Week 20 (Also reimbursed 2-4 weeks later))
  • Ready to employ their young professional for 10 hours a week for a period of 20 weeks (or as mutually agreed)

Appropriate Project Topics/Roles include (but are not limited to):

  • User Interface Design
  • Software Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Marketing and Communications
  • Product Design and Documentation
  • Project Coordination

Each company will be able to interview the candidates who are interested in their positions.

Value for companies that participate in this program:

  • Meet promising new talent for possible future employment
  • Provide mentorship to a successful candidate and testing company fit
  • Grow their networks with the other 50 tech companies and the 50 youth participants
  • Learn about Alberta’s tech community through information and panel sessions with other FIRST Jobs participants
  • Free for FIRST Jobs companies


Pre-Program Sessions
All material will be posted, and provided as on-line content, or video resources
Defining a Project. Information can be found here.
Company General Information session. See Company Resources.
Application & Approval Process (Note: Timing is approximate)
Future Terms: Cohort 3 – Work Term Starts January 2022.
Cohort 4 –   Application Process Opens Summer 2022.   Work Term Starts September 2022.

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We invite you to join us in inspiring Alberta’s post-secondary students and young professionals to strengthen our growing Tech Sector with their talent.