NExT Level Careers by Technology Alberta 2021-2023

The Next Level Careers Program will close in February 2023.

Technology Alberta in partnership with the Government of Alberta (Ministry of Labour and Immigration) is pleased to announce the NExT Level careers program – providing project opportunities from Alberta’s Novel Engineering and Technology (NExT) product-based companies. Alberta professionals who take on these small projects have visibility to the exciting NExT Level Career opportunities – and can make a difference in both growing these companies and Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech sector.

This newest version of Technology Alberta’s jobs programs provides on-ramps to career opportunities working for Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech companies who are currently hiring and need resources that:

  • Have a post-secondary degree, or professional experience equivalent in a business, arts or technical capacity: Eg. Psychology, Education, Customer Service, Quality Control, Product Development, Story-telling, User Experience, AI/ML, Industrial Automation, Software Development, Marketing, Communications, Business, Human Resources, and more.
  • Are interested in working in Alberta’s strong and growing tech sector which has created 1000’s of new jobs between 2020-2022.
  • Are willing to show the value that they can bring to Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech companies by taking on a small demonstration project – to be completed working within the company’s teams.
  • Are currently under-employed, un-employed, or looking to shift their career to the tech sector.
  • Are Alberta Residents

Typical projects:

  • are in the areas of business growth, technical need, or communications functions
  • are to be completed remotely, and
  • are on a mutually-agreeable flexible part-time basis (eg. approx. 10 hours/week) over a 10 week period from October-December.
  • are funded at $2,000/project (for the contract project person)

Applicants eligible for funding are NOT:

  • Individuals who have previous working relationships with the Tech Company that they are applying to.

Through this paid remote part-time project work and industry engagement program, Technology Alberta NExT Level Careers will be helping 100 Career Professionals make new connections to 100 Alberta SME Tech companies.

TECHNOLOGY ALBERTA IS VERY PLEASED TO FEATURE A SAMPLE CAREER OPPORTUNITY – from newly publicly-traded Edmonton company: Health Gauge (Trading under ‘AIML’ on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)). Health Gauge is a provider of digital health technology and health coaching services that helps users to better understand their personal health information and to aid in reaching their health goals. The Health Gauge solution combines best-in-class wearable health sensors with an AI-based software and a cloud computing platform – and that can be used to connect to healthcare professionals and clinicians.

Current Openings (Apply to

  • Project/Role Scope: Infrastructure / Cloud SaaS / design, documentation, support: Health Gauge products have web applications, AI/ML software assets, and associated data store used with our mobile and online applications. We work with MedStack (Toronto) which uses Microsoft Azure, as well as AWS, MySQL, and a number of other tools for our AI services. We are looking for someone who has some previous experience but who is interested in learning and developing greater experience in these areas. They would work closely with our dev team, and would be expected to assist in documentation, and QA work.
  • Project/Role Scope: Testing – Applications/ scripting/ QA / support: Looking for someone with interest and some experience in creating tools and resources that can be used for helping clarify QA gaps, problems – as well as having good communications skills in serving clients and internal resource

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