NExT Level Careers in the Tech Sector: Companies Information

This newest version of Technology Alberta’s jobs programs creates opportunities for companies to find and try-out their next important hire – by funding small projects where career professionals can demonstrate their value to these Alberta-based entrepreneurial tech SME companies, who are currently hiring.

Purpose of the Program

Technology Alberta in partnership with the Government of Alberta (Ministry of Labour and Immigration) is pleased to present the NExT Level Careers pilot program – where Alberta professionals can demonstrate their value by taking on small funded project opportunities with Alberta’s Novel Engineering and Technology (NExT) product-based SME companies.

Through this paid remote part-time project work and industry engagement program, Technology Alberta NExT Level Careers will be connecting 100 Career Professionals to Alberta Tech opportunities.

Program Description

Successful Alberta NExT Level Career professionals who take on a small, funded, remote, part-time project – not only demonstrate value that they can deliver, but also have visibility to the exciting NExT Level Companies’ career opportunities – and may end up making a difference in both growing these companies and Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech sector.

Applications are CURRENTLY CLOSED

Eligible Technology Companies:

  • Are innovative small-to-medium-sized technology businesses operating in Alberta
  • Are creating advanced technologies/innovative solutions as their core business
  • Are actively hiring and seeking highly qualified Alberta professionals to grow their business
  • Will seek to provide a demonstration project where the career professional can show their ability to execute well and work with any appropriate team members.
  • Projects to be completed part-time and remotely, over an approximate 10-week period (~100 hours)
  • Will provide a primary company contact who acts as coach, colleague and company liaison
  • Committed to participating in building a strong tech community in the province.

Companies commitments:

  • Technology Alberta expects you to pay your intern $2000 at the end of their 100-hour work term. We will reimburse your company fully within 30 days of receiving your invoice with no additional costs. 
  • Ready to contract their career professional on a project/scope-of-work for 100 hours (eg. 10 hours a week for a period of 10 weeks).
  • Ensure that any candidate they contract for this grant program: is legally eligible to work in Alberta; is an Alberta resident; is a new relationship (has not worked for the employer before); has not taken a previous contract with any other employer previously through the NExT Level Career Program.

Appropriate Project Topics/Scope of Work include (but are not limited to):

  • User Interface Design
  • Software Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Marketing and Communications
  • Product Design and Documentation
  • Project Coordination

Note: Each company will be able to interview candidates who are interested in their positions.

Value for companies that participate in this program:

  • Meet promising new talent for possible future employment
  • Have small projects of value funded and completed for their company
  • Grow their networks with the other 99 tech companies and the 100 career professionals
  • Learn about Alberta’s tech community through information and panel sessions 

Program Application Process

Step 1) APPLY: Continuous Intake Process – Companies can apply to the program anytime in the indicated period.

Note: Technology Alberta personnel will provide confirmation (via email) to the successful companies confirming their eligibility for this free, government-funded program. 

Step 2) POST: Approved Companies post projects and qualifications of desired NExT Level Career Professionals

Step 3) INTERVIEW: NExT Level Companies interview NExT LEvel Career Professional Applicants of interest.

Step 4) OFFER: Candidates are selected and then contracted by employers

Step 5)  WORK: The NExT Level Career Professional starts working for the company.


(timing subject to change – applicants will be notified)

Applications are CURRENTLY CLOSED
The 100-hour work terms can begin at any time

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