NExT Level Careers in the Tech Sector: Job Seekers

This newest version of Technology Alberta’s jobs programs creates opportunities for companies to find and try-out their next important hire – by funding small projects where job seekers can demonstrate their value to these Alberta-based entrepreneurial tech SME companies, who are currently hiring.

Purpose of the Program

Technology Alberta in partnership with the Government of Alberta (Ministry of Labour and Immigration) is pleased to present the NExT Level Careers pilot program – where Alberta professionals can demonstrate their value by taking on small funded project opportunities with Alberta’s Novel Engineering and Technology (NExT) product-based SME companies.

Through this paid remote part-time project work and industry engagement program, Technology Alberta NExT Level Careers will be connecting 100 job seekers to new career opportunities in Alberta’s Innovative Tech sector.

Applications are CURRENTLY CLOSED

Program Description

Successful Alberta NExT Level job seekers who take on a small, funded, remote, part-time project – not only demonstrate the value that they can deliver but also have visibility to the exciting NExT Level Companies’ career opportunities – and may end up making a difference in both growing these companies and Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech sector.

Qualified Applicants

NExT Level Companies are generally looking for candidates that can deliver value and:

  • Have, or are working towards, a post-secondary degree, or professional experience equivalent in the following areas: business, arts or technical capacity. Eg. Psychology, Education, Customer Service, Quality Control, Product Development, Story-telling, User Experience, AI/ML, Industrial Automation, Software Development, Marketing, Communications, Business, Human Resources, and more.
  • Are interested in working in Alberta’s strong and growing tech sector which is creating 1000’s of new jobs in 2022. (For Examples of Hiring Activity in Alberta’s Tech Sector
  • Are willing to show the value that they can bring to Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech companies by taking on on a paid 100 hour small demonstration project or work term – to be completed working independently and/or within the company’s teams.

To be eligible for this Government of Alberta funded programs, individuals must be:

  • Currently under-employed, un-employed, or looking to shift their career to the Alberta tech sector.
  • Are Alberta Residents

Applicants are NOT:

  • Under 18 years of age.
  • Residing outside of Alberta.
  • Previous participants in the NExT Careers Program. Note: Job seekers can only be funded for one work placement through this program, in order to assist the most job seekers as possible.
  • Previously employed by their prospective NExT Careers Employer.

Successful Applicants who complete this program will:

  • Gain valuable project experience with an Alberta SME technology company, that can help launch their careers in the tech sector (Project Duration: 100 hours – in a manner that is mutually agreeable with employer: Example – Part-time: 10 weeks x 10 hours/week; 20 hours/week x 5 weeks; 40 hours/week x 2.5 weeks)
  • Be able to grow their networks with the participating technology companies
  • Learn more about Alberta’s extensive tech SME community and their career opportunities – through information sessions with Technology Alberta and panel sessions with participating companies.
  • Be provided a stipend of $2,000 for completed project work

Typical projects are:

  • In the areas of business growth, technical need, or communications functions.
  • To be completed remotely.
  • Conducted on a mutually-agreeable flexible basis – with the 100 hours of work to finish by March 2023
  • Funded at $2,000/work placement (for the work of the successfully contracted Job Seeker).

Program Application Process – 6 Easy Steps

Step 1) Professionals apply to the program (In period where on-line applications are open)


  • You must have previously set-up a complete and professional LinkedIn Profile in order to submit a complete application.
  • Technology Alberta personnel will provide confirmation (via email) to the successful applicants, confirming their applicability for this free, government-funded program. 

Step 2) Review pre-program session guidance materials

Step 3) Accepted Applicants apply for projects posted by the participating (NExT Level) technology companies

Step 4) NExT Level Companies interview Applicants of interest for their projects

Step 5) Candidates are contracted by employers, and the NExT Level job seekers begin their projects. 

Find more about our past pilot job program, click here.

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