VizworX: Solving unique business needs using advanced technology

VizworX is a Calgary-based company that is focused on using advanced technologies to improve the human element of how we use data. Industrial companies have critical business needs that are not being met by existing technology and systems, and Jeff and his team partner with them to address those pain points. With a mix of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and complex data visualization with mobile and web applications, they identify ways to address those issues and where possible, turn that into product innovation.

A great example of how VizworX is helping clients is the work that it has done with Cenovus Energy. Cenovus was building infrastructure using a modular format where portions of that infrastructure were manufactured off site. The company occasionally encountered assembly issues once the infrastructure came on site, which was very expensive and time consuming to deal with. Using immersive augmented reality with Microsoft Hololens, VizworX built what would become Panoptica. It allows the designer of the modular units to visually model what they are building and see how it relates to other aspects. From how one module relates to the other, and how different elements work together in the building process, directly targeting assembly issues and rework costs and time.

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