Braintoy: AI for Everyone

Did you know that even data scientists can get frustrated by the complexity of creating and deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning? AI and ML have a reputation for being a black box, which is a problem for businesses looking at implementing AI, for software companies creating solutions with AI and ML, and for those trying to explain how it works and benefits their organizations.

Kwame Asiedu has run into this problem throughout his career, as have his co-founders Amit Varma and Padma Polash Paul. Why? Because data science was new, and how to implement it required learning at all levels. This is why Kwame and his co-founders started Braintoy. They wanted to address the issues that they were experiencing as data scientists. ML is being built and integrated into most software solutions as we move into the future, but it isn’t the easiest thing to incorporate, explain or roll out.

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