What tech and innovation are getting — and not getting — in Alberta’s budget

Alberta’s 2021 budget is placing an increased spotlight on the technology and innovation sector, setting it up to be a key player in the province’s efforts to stabilize after COVID-19. Much of the industry is calling the budget a step in the right direction but say the government could have done more to make the sector a winner in 2021.

The Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation will receive $362 million of the $1.5 billion set aside over three years for Alberta’s economic recovery. Part of that funding will be used to launch a technology and innovation strategy, with the budget outlining the goals to secure a talented workforce, lead the country in investment by 2030 and foster a competitive environment for the private sector. “We have green shoots really starting to emerge across Alberta in a whole bunch of industries that are encouraging signs for the future,” Doug Schweitzer, minister of jobs, economy and innovation, told CBC News. “The tech industry in particular … I believe it’s tipped to the point where it’s really starting to grow on that exponential growth curve.”

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