Lethbridge College launches new Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program

Students can move from the current Agriculture Sciences diploma program into the College’s new Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program - Leth College

LETHBRIDGE, AB. — Lethbridge College is showing how it is ready to meet the changing needs of the agriculture industry by launching its Bachelor of Agriculture Science program.

The degree program, which is unique to Lethbridge College, begins in September 2021 and offers opportunities for career development, a path to further education and hands-on research opportunities, while focusing on the science of agriculture.

Lethbridge College’s Bachelor of Agriculture Science is a flexible program that ladders out of the current Agriculture Sciences diploma program. The program is the only of its kind in southern Alberta and is comparable to Bachelor of Science degree programs offered at the University of Alberta and University of Saskatchewan. The new Bachelor of Agriculture Science program is recognized by the Alberta Institute of Agrologists, meaning students will earn a Professional Agrologist designation following graduation. The program also prepares students to pursue further MSc and PhD training.

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