Innovate Edmonton Welcomes Division Heads to Support Early and Mid-Stage Edmonton Innovators

Edmonton’s early and mid-stage innovators can expect elevated support from Innovate Edmonton with the launch of two new divisions, Scaleup Edmonton and Accelerate Edmonton, expanding on our well-established Startup Edmonton group. Head of Scaleup Edmonton Chloe ChalmersHead of Accelerate Edmonton Dawn Newton, and Head of Startup Edmonton Christian Tokarski have joined Innovate Edmonton as program division leads. Together, they will steward current programs and develop future strategies to support innovation-intensive entrepreneurship at every stage of growth. 

“Innovate Edmonton understands the issues and opportunities that early and mid-stage companies face,” said Innovate Edmonton Director, Community & Business Development, Darrell Petras. “With Chloe, Christian, and Dawn’s leadership, Innovate Edmonton will be able to expand our offering of customized services, programs, and funding accelerators to address the cornerstone of business development and growth, including commercialization, revenue generation, raising capital and international reach.” 

Reporting to Petras, the three division heads will work directly with the people, companies, and organizations involved in the innovation process to create, nurture, and sustain a broad-based urban innovation ecosystem.  

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do — and it starts with our team of dedicated service leaders who support local companies and economic prosperity for our city,” said Innovate Edmonton CEO Catherine Warren. “Together with our partners and Edmonton’s innovators, we will develop and sustain a globally- recognized and relevant urban innovation ecosystem that will create jobs and contribute to the enduring resilience, vitality and identity of Alberta’s capital.” 

About Innovate Edmonton 

Headquartered in Alberta’s capital city, Innovate Edmonton leverages, unites, and promotes home-grown innovation as a gateway to solving the world’s most pressing problems. We harness the power of the public and private sectors, ground-breaking academic research, and purpose-driven investment to build a shared prosperity and open international markets. From sustainable climate solutions to public health and digital education, Edmonton is a leading global centre for inspiration, ingenuity and inclusion. 

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