AI talent in western Canada grows

Five new exceptional AI researchers are joining Canada’s thriving AI ecosystem. Appointed through the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the Canada CIFAR AI Chairs are all affiliated with Amii, based in Edmonton, one of the world’s preeminent centres of AI, and will take up faculty positions at the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia (UBC). The Chairs are leading research in reinforcement learning, privacy-preserving machine learning, and AI for health.

To date, the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy has established more than 100 Canada CIFAR AI Chairs since March 2017, bringing the total number of Canada CIFAR AI Chairs at Amii to 31, and the total number of Amii-associated faculty at Canadian universities to 35.

About the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

The CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, the world’s first national AI strategy, advances AI research, training, and innovation to stimulate the economy and improve the lives of all Canadians.

The goal of the Canada CIFAR AI Chairs Program is to recruit the world’s leading AI researchers to Canada, while retaining our existing top talent. The program provides long-term, dedicated research funding to support their research programs and help them train the next generation of AI leaders.

To date, more than 100 Canada CIFAR AI Chairs have been announced across three national AI institutes – Amii in Edmonton, Mila in Montreal, and the Vector Institute in Toronto.

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Welcome to the newly-appointed Canada CIFAR AI Chairs at Amii

Neil Burch
University of Alberta, DeepMind

Jacob Jaremko
University of Alberta,

Marlos Machado
University of Alberta, DeepMind

Mijung Park
University of British Columbia

Danica Sutherland
University of British Columbia

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