President’s Note – August 14th

The Importance of Nominating – 2 days to ASTech Awards deadline

The 2023 ASTech Awards is the 34th year of the Alberta Science, Technology, and Leadership Awards – which honours discovery and innovation at an annual Academy Award-style event. Last day for Nominations is Tuesday, August 15 – so Recommend, Apply or Nominate Now as there are many worthy individuals, teams, companies, or post-secondaries in Alberta – and it brings the spotlight to your community.

It is quite amazing how recognition can really be transformational. When Technology Alberta first took on the ASTech Awards last year, I went to dozens of stakeholders, to find out what the award meant to them – and found it an exciting and humbling experience:

From Communities and Post-Secondaries: “When our university won their first ASTech Award, we had a separate celebration when we got back to our hometown. What a party – and Innovation in our community continued to grow. We now measure our region’s innovation success – before and after the ASTech Award.”

From Entrepreneurs and Researchers:
– “I was so humbled to have our company’s hard work recognized amoungst the best of the best”
– “Our company attracted $1million of funding while at the ASTech Awards – because the investor wanted to invest in a company like us, that was innovating with an university. They wanted to contribute to both company and community success”
– “Being an entrepreneur can be such an upward climb – winning showed us that someone cares and our work was valued”
– “It was the most important evening in our company’s history”

So now you have heard it – from the Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Post-Secondaries, and Communities themselves – Success builds success! Everyone – help build Alberta’s Tech community by letting our hard working, outstanding innovators, know just how great, and appreciated they are! Nominate Now – and see you all at the ASTech Awards!

– Gail and the Technology Alberta Team