Note from the President – August


After a year of municipal then federal elections behind us, it is great to see that we are united across the major cities, and with provincial and federal support – for Alberta to move FULL SPEED AHEAD in growing Alberta’s Tech Sector! 

Over this time, Alberta’s entrepreneurial tech companies had never slowed down and are continuing to increase their hiring, at unprecedented rates!  Which is why, due to their popular requests, Technology Alberta is helping use our increased visibility to help them find talent through – our newly launched “FAST TRACK”. Submit any active hiring needs you have, that would benefit from Alberta Talent – we are pleased to post, free of charge, and get more Alberta eyes on your opportunities.  

Also we are tuning our funded Work Placement Pilot programs to allow:  

– CONTINUOUS Company Intake – for both student and professional talent.   

– Option: Talent Access, Funding Optional: Not Needed/Pay it Forward: Our standard option is that funding is provided to companies to pay students, but even if you don’t need funding, but you still want access to the 1000’s of Alberta-wide students and professionals that have registered their interest with us in working with the tech sector – please register your work opportunity.  

As a reminder – we are pleased to work with the community – volunteers, companies, post-secondaries, students, government, to provide: 

  • NExT Level Companies and Careers Program: Technology Alberta Career Professionals (of all ages and disciplines), who are interested in taking their careers – and Alberta tech companies – to the next level! Registration HERE
  • FIRST Jobs – bringing Post-Secondary Students from across the province into Alberta’s Tech Sector: Over 1500 students have applied to this on-line program to-date from UofL, UofA, UofC, NAIT, SAIT, Bow Valley, and more. Join the over 100 Alberta SME Tech Companies who have taken on a post-secondary student/new graduate to work with their teams for this remote part-time work program, in the areas of: Associate Product Management, Software QA Testing, Customer Engagement, Story-telling, Market Research and more.  
  • For up-to-date information on Alberta Tech Sector programs and events – see our LinkedIn and Website

So thank you all Alberta Community-Builders! You are making a difference in growing Alberta’s Tech Sector through Company Growth!  Yours in Community,

Gail J. Powley, P.Eng
President, Technology Alberta