Message from the Board – October 2022

Why It Matters – and What’s Next!

The ASTech Awards have inspired the next generation of innovation in Alberta for 32 years – and Technology Alberta is rallying Alberta’s innovation champions to continue this fine tradition for the next 32, and beyond! 

Join us in Edmonton on Friday November 4 – for the 33rd Annual Event

With such a rich history, we truly stand on the shoulders of giants – and our up-and-coming innovators can be inspired by these role models, learn from their experience, and as they do great things themselves grow Alberta’s reputation as an Innovation Leader and Destination.

What makes the ASTech Awards so special is bringing together the entire innovation chain across the province – industry, academia, government, entrepreneurs and connectors – to celebrate and inspire. Learn from the award-winners which programs, opportunities, or collaborations brought them success – so that even more success can be generated and celebrated in future years!

ASTech Alumni – on Why the ASTech Awards Matter

“Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses and the Alberta economy. It’s important to inspire innovation, and celebrating innovation is clearly inspirational. I attend the ASTech Awards to learn more about what is happening in Tech in Alberta and connect and reconnect with those in diverse sectors of the Tech Ecosystem. What I look forward to is the feeling in the room as Alberta success stories are told and recognized and celebrated.” 

– Peter Kinash, Replicon – Founding Board Member, ASTech Awards
“To me, the ASTech awards have always been a wonderful opportunity to see and engage with an amazing cross-section of the outstanding people, projects and companies that Alberta has to offer in science and technology. Alberta competes on the global stage and does so very effectively! As leader of an ASTech award-winning company, I know the caliber of the competition and the pride that comes from being counted amongst them. I can’t wait to connect with the next generation!”  

– Jeff LaFrenz, VizworX – 2019 ASTech Winner, and new ASTech Advisory Member

Why It Matters – Students and Young Professionals

The ASTech Awards is for everyone. From innovators to folks just starting their careers, ASTech creates the right environment to learn about the ever-expanding innovation space in Alberta. Come take part in an evening of connections, where you can learn, engage with, and build partnerships with your fellow Albertans that are all drawn to one thing – Supporting science and technology for economic and societal benefit! Inspiration is guaranteed.

“As a young entrepreneur establishing my company and growing my network in Alberta, the ASTech awards are a great way to meet innovators in the Alberta region and foster collaborations for future projects.” – Shay Sharma, CEO of Bluejarvis Technologies, Board Member of Technology Alberta