Message from the Board – November 2022

President’s Note 
Congratulations to the ASTech Award-winners and Finalists!
.. and Thank you all for making some Great Memories!

It was Technology Alberta’s honor to present the 33rd Annual ASTech Awards – with the support of many, many community partners and champions. Thank you all!

With all the many months worth of effort that were put into the November 4th sold-out celebrations – the key to success was really – and will always be, the community!  Alberta’s innovation community LOVED:
– hearing from passionate Award-winners
– learning that innovation is happening in every corner of the province
– being together to celebrate

With a theme of “Shared Success: Best of All Worlds” – it was a true pleasure to see this ‘lived’ by the audience. The crowd of industry, government, academic, and entrepreneurs found joy in the accomplishment and recognition of their community. Attendees described the evening as ‘inspirational’, ‘magnificent’, ‘phenomenal’, ‘grand’ and ‘the Academy Awards’ for Science and Technology in Alberta.

While always room for improvement – we are so grateful for the positive energy and having the “strength of award-winning accomplishment” and community to build upon. So again, thank you all – and please join us in supporting the great researchers and entrepreneurs in our province, by nominating them, partnering with them, and spreading the word on their work and products. It can be as easy as sharing a “Linked-In” Post – there is something we can all do – so let’s do it!

Thanks everyone, and more to come,