World’s first carbon capture facility being built in Edmonton

April 7, 2023 – It’s a concrete move for those who want greener industries. Ottawa and a European company – Heidelberg Materials – are building the world’s first carbon capture facility in Edmonton.

“The world’s first full-scale carbon-neutral cement plant right here in Edmonton, Alberta,” said Chris Ward, president & CEO of Heidelberg Materials North America.

The facility is expected to capture more than a million tonnes of co2 annually. Ottawa claims that’s like taking 300-thousand cars off Canada’s roads every year.

“This is the green supply chain of the future, and it’s happening right here in Canada,” explained Francois-Phillipe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

The cement industry accounts for about 8 per cent of all global emissions.

“Reaching these goals is especially challenging for our industry given the fact that two-thirds of our emissions come from the process emissions,” said Ward.

The project has a timeline of three years and is expected to create 2,000 jobs across Alberta.

A design for the facility has not been finalized, but Heidelberg is looking to break ground in 2024.

The current timeline projects to have the facility fully operational in 2026.

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