‘We’ve had tremendous success finding innovative talent here’: Bitcoin startup at the centre of Edmonton’s emerging tech sector

Bitcoin Well founder Adam O’Brien stands in his company's new downtown office space. PHOTO BY SUPPLIED

Edmonton’s tech industry has been at the vanguard of a shift toward a diversified economy that embraces innovation- and knowledge-based business. Now it’s positioned to be a launching pad for what could soon be the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin ATM company.

This is the goal of Bitcoin Well, an Edmonton-based cryptocurrency company set to open a new 35,000-square-foot headquarters in the city’s downtown core.

“We’ve had tremendous success finding innovative talent here in Edmonton,” says Adam O’Brien, founder and CEO of Bitcoin Well, which established the first bitcoin ATMs in both Alberta and Saskatchewan in 2014. “As long as we as a city continue to make it achievable and beneficial, this ‘tech boom’ won’t be considered a boom.”

O’Brien founded Bitcoin Well in 2013 to make it easier and more convenient to buy and sell bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that serves as an alternative to conventional cash.

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