Competition is healthy. But inspiration is key.

Entrepreneurship is a gladiator’s endeavour: between the epic quests for financing, endless nights and weekends, and heart-pumping races to customer’s hearts (and wallets), building a business is a constant battle to outsmart and, ideally, outlast the other guy. 

That desire for success is certainly reflected in the revenues displayed on our 2019 ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies—in fact, this year’s Growth 500 marks the first time in just over three decades that every single firm surpassed five-year growth levels of 100 per cent. For its part, Article—the Vancouver-based direct-to-consumer biz specializing in modern and Scandinavian-inspired furniture—ranks No. 1 for the second year in a row, this time boasting a more-than-enviable five-year growth rate of 24,182 per cent.