Clean-tech entrepreneurs get provincial funding to bring bright ideas to reality

Matthew Nickel (left) and Hillary Sweet, co-founders of SN Biomedical, are among six recent PhD graduates of the U of A receiving funding through the Alberta government's GreenSTEM program to help them commercialize new technologies. (Photos: Supplied)


Six STEM graduates from U of A aim to commercialize technology ranging from better pregnancy tests for cows to more efficient batteries and faster tests for bacteria in water.

It didn’t take long for Matthew Nickel and Hillary Sweet to venture out on their own after they graduated from the University of Alberta in 2018 with PhDs in biomedical and materials engineering.

“Afterwards we worked for about six months, and then Hillary said, ‘Hey, you want to start a company?’” said Nickel, co-founder of SN Biomedical. “I said ‘why not?’ so we decided to start a biotech company with a goal to make simple and affordable diagnostic tests.”

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