Abby Aiyeleye receives 2021 Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year Award

On November 9, Abby Aiyeleye from Clavis Studio received the Most Promising Startup Entrepreneur of the Year Award as part of the Start Alberta Tech Awards being announced through to November 22. Selected for her coachability, community involvement, and ability to launch a technology-focused company, Abby has pioneered a digital design company using immersive 3D technology for the home and decor. 

Since launching her comprehensive home design company in the heart of Edmonton, Abby has seen tremendous growth that inspires the local market to aim bigger with home decor trends. Her perseverance and unrelenting focus has offered her a notable place in the industry. 

“The goal of our studio is for everyone to have a beautiful, well-decorated, functional space,” says Abby, Co-Founder, Clavis Studio. “The studio grew from personal experience, where we struggled and spent a lot of money and time trying to make things look great for us. We started to talk to people and realized this is a common thing in the industry. We wanted to change the narrative from interior design being something that’s so far out of reach to something that’s easy to get and put together.”