2S Water Inc. Wins Fifth Annual Mining Cleantech Challenge

2S Water Inc., a Canadian company, won the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association's (CCIA) fifth annual Mining Cleantech Challenge Thursday, April 22, 2021.

The Mining Cleantech Challenge featured 12 companies hailing from Canada, Finland and New Zealand. Each company was selected through a competitive vetting process by leaders and technology experts in the mining industry and invited to present virtually. Technologies presented at the Mining Cleantech Challenge offered sustainable solutions to improving mining operations by using clean technologies in the industry.

“The mining industry is at the core of the green revolution, it’s all driven by metals like copper, aluminum and steel. Mining companies are taking action to make sure the industry is built on an environmental foundation. 2S Water is here to enable them, providing the data that operators need about metals in water to meet and exceed their ESG goals,” CEO of 2S Water, Anthea Sargeaunt, stated of their winning technology. 2S Water’s winning technology, AquaValid, operates by taking in a small stream of water, sensing the water for a majority of metal contaminants and reporting back results in real time, giving mining operators more accurate and acute data about water quality. The “plug and play” feature of AquaValid minimizes financial, resource and time constraints that mining operators face with water testing and compliance.

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