FAQs for Job Seekers

Is there a quota for any University or Region in Alberta?

There is no quota assigned for any university or region in Alberta. The assessment will be based on the candidate’s profile and the employer interview, although the program will be managed to encourage province-wide participation.

Where can I see the participant company list?

The complete company list will be made available directly to eligible participants, or posted online. Past Companies who have participated can be found on the “Past Programs” tab.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

International students are eligible to apply if participation does not put them over their allowed weekly work hours. Please check your visa to confirm your work eligibility.

What are the work hours? Can I work those 10 hours/week outside of my 9-5 schedule?

The work hours timing will depend on the participating company, but there is likely to be 2-4 hours/week that will need to occur from 9-5PM:

  • Employers will discuss this during the time of the interview (and potentially post with the job posting). Since part of the value of the program is your interaction with the company’s team – you should be prepared to have some time available during standard working hours. Depending on the company’s work schedule, working on weekends may or may not be allowed.
  • Also, the FIRST Jobs program will have 1 hour/week sessions where Technology Alberta provides programming/professional development sessions that are required to attend.

I am in Calgary. What if I am interested in working for a company in Edmonton?

Since this program includes working remotely, your current location is independent of the location of the company, provided you are residing in Alberta. However, the program is interested in providing candidates Alberta job opportunities in their desired place of permanent employment, in order to help candidates develop their future job prospects and networks.

In addition to a computer and an internet connection, are there any software requirements for this program?

This would depend on the participating company. They will inform the candidate if there will be any such additional requirements, and all companies realize that the jobs will need to be completed remotely in a short-period of time – therefore setup needs are kept minimal.

I work full time. Am I eligible for the FIRST Jobs program?

Not unless you are under-employed (ie. unless you are currently working in a temporary job that isn’t in line with your chosen profession/education background). This program is designed to connect unemployed or underemployed Alberta residents with tech companies who may be able to provide a path to future employment in a field of interest.

I have previously held a position through a Technology Alberta Jobs Program. Am I eligible to apply for the program again?

If you have previously held a position through a Technology Alberta Jobs Program (ie. a past FIRST Jobs cohort, and/or NExT Level Careers), you are not eligible for additional funding.  A student may be funded for only one position through the Technology Alberta Jobs Program. 

Are there specific program areas or university major you are looking for when assessing candidates?

The program is not limited to any specific university major. It is open to diverse areas including, but not limited to, science, business, education, arts, and many more fields that could be of interest to technology companies.

I have submitted my application. Is there anything I can do while waiting for the result of my application?

Thanks for your interest. You are advised to refer to interview preparation tips, improve your LinkedIn Profile, learn more about Alberta’s tech sector (through Technology Alberta.ca and other association websites) and other resources on our website to prepare for the interview and remote work. Companies are conducting interviews through to the end of January.

Do I need to be currently enrolled in an educational institution, or have any other qualifications for the program?

For FIRST Jobs Programs (Cohorts 2 and greater: (Summer 2021 forward)) – participants must be a current or recent (within 6 months of graduation) Alberta post-secondary student and Alberta Resident. There are no age stipulations, other than being 18 or older. The individual also should be currently un-employed, or under-employed.

What is the length of the program?

The program runs for 20 weeks – with approx 10 hours/week of work experience directly with the company, and one hour in weekly Professional Development Sessions.

One of the fields states ‘List a few companies you’d like to work for’. Do I need to write one of the participating companies? If yes, how can I see the list.

This field is intended to identify companies you are interested in, not only to participating companies. Refer to Technology Alberta’s ABTEC companies for examples or write any Alberta technology company of your interest.  This will help the program staff focus any recruiting efforts for company participants, and may help ensure that there are companies that interest you in the final list. 

Do I have to submit a report at the end of the program period?

Technology Alberta will provide a template for a brief report to be submitted twice during the program period (halfway and at the completion of the program). In addition to this, any company-required deliverables should be discussed during the interview with the company – and will be confirmed through your discussion with the company at the commencement of the project work-term.