Cornerstone Companies

Recognizing Cornerstone Companies – A Call for Nominations

A lot of excitement and momentum can be generated by the Venture Capital funding model, and VC-funded companies can be easier to follow due to funding announcements – but how do we recognize other models, like the value generated by our Cornerstone Companies?  Alberta’s Cornerstone Companies are often our un-sung heroes, whose growth is largely supported through customer-generated revenues – scaling-up as new projects and over-all market demand for their products and services allow, with a commitment to staying in Alberta and building community by developing long-term relationships with local post-secondaries, and more. These companies don’t often make the news – but they do make for great work environments, where your co-workers can be mentors with years of experience with the company, and are part of the corporate culture of “building to last” and “building to stay”.  Cornerstone Companies are also great for customers who are looking for reliable service and product providers – providers who will likely be available for years to come.

So how many Cornerstone Companies do you know, that are currently delivering for Alberta’s tech sector, communities, and economy? We would love to hear from you – so nominate companies that you feel are Alberta Cornerstone Companies and help us recognize them in their role, in building Alberta’s tech community – Gail Powley, President – Technology Alberta

Nominations NOW OPEN

Thank you in advance for uplifting our community by showing our Cornerstone Companies – how much they are appreciated in our province.