Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program Update

The End of March will see the completion of the 10-week journey that 55 Young Professionals have taken with over 50 Alberta entrepreneurial tech companies, through the part-time FIRST Jobs Program. These companies have stepped up to offer opportunities that will help retain talent in Alberta from across Alberta’s post-secondaries – talent with strength in AI/ML, business, or engineering.

Technology Alberta’s FIRST Companies: From diverse industry sectors such as Agri-food Technology to AI, ML, Med-tech, Media, Industrial Automation and Educational Technologies – they share in common a technical approach to providing marketable value proposition far outside our borders. We are proud to have these companies as participants in the FIRST Jobs Program – thank you to all these community builders: 2S Water, Abinsi Solutions, Adaga Solutions, Aktirak Corporation, Alberta Water Portal, Alethea Medical, AltaML, Areto Labs, Bio Stream Diagnostics, Blue Jarvis, Cameo Sensor Science (by 4iiii), Castle Rock Research, ChataAI, Cohesic, Customer Maps, Discover Coding, DOCEO, Dorway Software, EnviroApps, eWorX Technology, Fishbone Analytics, Flawless Inbound, Fourien, FTP Solutions, Future Fields, Goodlawyer, H3ALTH TECHNOLOGIES, HealthGauge, Hubudub, Intellimedia, iomer internet solutions, LearnEnergy, Lightcatch Network, MagWall Building Systems, Mosaic Sensors, NewEngage Training, Onlea, PainWorth, Process Solutions Canada Ltd, Quantum Design and Technologies, Raft Beer Labs, Red Iron Labs, SolarSteam, SPLICE Software, Stream.ML, SVR Automation Intelligence, Taproot Publishing, TrustBIX, unTribe, Verge Ag, VizworX