President’s Note – May 27th

Where Worlds Meet – AI Week and Inventures

From the Alberta Tech Community – Thank you to the AMII team for their outstanding work on Upperbound (formerly AI Week) and this amazing week of events! It was exciting to see Cam take on this ambitious vision of an International “AI Festival” and for Stephanie to rally her team and community to “Make it so”.  Technology Alberta, Rainforest, Health Innovation Hub, ISAIC, Edmonton Unlimited, ASTech Awards, universities and so many other organizations rallied together to make it an incredible week.

So what is next? Conferences continue both in Edmonton and Calgary this week – with the Western Manufacturing Technology Show and Inventures.  Inventures is Alberta Innovates flagship event of the year – so my recommendation is make the time to attend in person in Calgary if you can (although for those who can’t – livestream is available).  Not only is the content valuable, but the networking opportunities alone make the trip worthwhile. This is where international investors come to Alberta, to invest in our innovative entrepreneurs  this is THE time, where the EXPERTS are not from “Out of town (or province)”..but they are us!  See you there everyone!

TechAB-C’s – Our Directory has 30 companies under “I” alone, including:
– Intellirain (Calgary): State-of-the-art Digital Irrigation system: smart sprinklers, software and weather station.
– INVIDI (Edmonton): Emmy Award winner: Leading marketing software providing local advertising through global channels.