Team-Build Program

Our newly introduced Technology Alberta Team-Build Program creates opportunities for Alberta tech SMEs to find their next important hire(s) or team(s) – by connecting our companies to those affected by the recent macro tech sector job layoffs. We are identifying these experienced tech job seekers who are now either unemployed or underemployed career professionals looking for a fresh start here at home. We aim to connect them to our growing Alberta-based entrepreneurial tech SME companies, who are currently hiring.

Technology Alberta exists to nurture a dedicated community of people and organizations whose coordinated and collaborative efforts help to make Alberta’s entrepreneurial advanced technology companies the global vendors of choice. This pilot program is a step towards this goal.

Value for companies to participate in the Program:

Opportunity for our up-and-coming growing tech companies to staff up with trained, experienced personnel who bring expertise in:

  • ‘future’ structure and processes needed by growing companies
    corporate customers
  • insights into their decision- and operating- processes
  • Access to networks and resources and much more

Eligible Companies to join this Program:

  • Are actively hiring and seeking highly qualified Alberta professionals to grow their business
 Register for the Team-Build Program here.

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