Learning Integrated Work Partnership Series

About this event

Are you a technology professional looking to gain valuable insights into the business side of small and medium-sized technology companies, and network with colleagues and experts from industry and academia?

Technology Alberta is pleased to provide this Lunch and Learn Series – with the support of MacEwan University professors and instructors and Edmonton Unlimited.

 Join us for: “Navigating the Business Side: Foundational Business Skills for Tech Professionals”.

Session Details:

  • Certificate of Completion for Industry Course on Foundational Business Skills for Tech Professionals – provided by Technology Alberta
  • Dates: Tuesday, July 11,18, 25 and Wednesday, August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
  • Time: 12:00 to 1:00 PM
  • Location: Multiple Downtown Edmonton Locations
  • MacEwan University Professors and Instructors – many with real-world experience in diverse fields, including business, marketing, finance, and law
  • Opportunity to access and network with fellow participants, industry leaders, and speakers
  • I <3 Alberta TECH Golf Shirt prizes

Session Dates, Topics, and Speakers:

  • Tuesday, July 11 (12-1 PM)
    • Location – Edmonton Unlimited 10107 Jasper Avenue
  • The Path to Success: Unraveling the Secrets of Company Success
  • Speaker: Mubashir Sheikh
  • Tuesday, July 18 (12-1 PM)
    • Location – Edmonton Unlimited 10107 Jasper Avenue
  • Creating a Market: Build Demand, Not A Mailing List
  • Speaker: Colten Nahrebeski
  • Tuesday, July 25 (12-1 PM)
  • Empowering Futures: Unleashing Success with Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Speaker: Camille Cunningham
  • Wednesday, August 2 (12-1 PM)
  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Why do they matter in today’s world?
  • Speaker: Carolyn Kent
  • Wednesday, August 9 (12-1 PM)
  • Be Intentional in Your Career Journey
  • Speaker: Justine Dogbe
  • Wednesday, August 16 (12-1 PM)
  • Business Financial Literacy
  • Dr. Abdullah Ejaz
  • Wednesday, August 23 (12-1 PM)
  • The Cornerstones of Financial Management for Savvy Business Owners
  • Sue Bohaichuk
  • Wednesday, August 30 (12-1 PM)
  • Viz for Biz: Making Your Point with Pictures
  • Ruth Younie