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Are you eager to join Alberta’s thriving tech community? Do you want to make meaningful connections and expand your network? At Technology Alberta, we focus on three key pillars: Talent, Learning, and Community. Our mission is to foster intentional connections between individuals and organizations, driving coordinated and collaborative efforts to advance our tech ecosystem. Join us and be part of this exciting journey!


Aiming to hire local talent? We help Alberta companies gain visibility and connect with top talent. Looking for a new role in Alberta Tech? Job seekers can explore our job board and receive regular updates on companies hiring.


Continuous learning and development is vital at every stage of either a company’s growth or a professional’s growth. We offer tailored learning to help you and your team succeed. Our team provides ongoing opportunities for you to encourage your curiosity.


Community is more than networking; it’s about real connections. Technology Alberta helps you connect, whether you’re an entrepreneur, academic, government official, industry professional, or student. Our goal is to build connections, community, and visibility in Alberta.



Our team recognizes that people join our community for a variety of reasons. Entrepreneurs seek connections with fellow innovators, potential customers, and investors. Academics aim to engage with communities that could benefit from their research or offer opportunities for their students. Professionals and students are eager to explore the ecosystem and advance their careers.