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Alberta Energy Regulator

The AER ensures the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of oil, oil sands, natural gas, and coal resources over their entire life cycleThis includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment while providing economic benefits for all Albertans.

Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission

The Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (APMC) is a provincial Crown corporation reporting to the Minister of Energy and established under the Petroleum Marketing Act.

Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is a member-based organization with a diverse group of stakeholders actively working to maximize energy efficiency in the province of Alberta. Energy efficiency plays an important role in creating a sustainable Alberta, economically and environmentally.

Since 2007, the AEEA has brought people together to collaboratively solve problems, coordinate action and be a common voice, by delivering speaking engagements, and sharing resources and ideas. The goal of AEEA is to reduce the barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency technology and activities, recognizing that there is a need for all orders of government, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals to actualize the benefits of energy efficiency.

Established in 2007, the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is a group of industry, associations, municipal and non-profit organizations. The AEEA has established a core set of beliefs that inform both a shared vision for the future of Alberta and a focused mission statement for the organization.




Institute for Oil Sands Innovation

at the University of Alberta
~ Breakthrough Energy Research ~ Advanced Environmental Technologies ~

The Imperial Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI) at the University of Alberta is built on the partnership between the University of Alberta’s Faculty of EngineeringImperial Oil LimitedAlberta Innovates, as well as Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) for the projects in the Tailings theme.

IOSI attracts and supports researchers from Canada and abroad to bridge the knowledge and technology gaps in oil sands operations, to nurture innovative solutions to fulfill its mission and to build the intellectual capital.


oil sands operations with a reduced environmental footprint by minimizing water use, consuming less energy, lowering greenhouse gas and other emissions, yielding high-quality products at lower cost


to promote, build capacities and to fund breakthrough research that leads to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development of Canada’s mineable oil sands resources


Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance - COSIA

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands through collaborative action and innovation.


Our Vision is to enable responsible and sustainable growth of Canada’s Oil Sands while delivering accelerated improvement in environmental performance through collaborative action and innovation.


We believe that:

  • Canada’s Oil Sands are a vital resource for providing energy security for the future of Canadians and the world.
  • Oil Sands development provides financial and social well-being through job creation, business opportunities, and economic activity.
  • Our industry has environmental impacts, which we will work to minimize. Action will reflect a strong commitment to innovation and collaboration and be focused on key environmental priorities so that together we will deliver accelerated improvement in our environmental performance.
  • COSIA will result in faster and more effective research and development and environmental innovation through the use of complementary technologies and resources.


Our companies pledge to:

  • Collaborate and innovate to accelerate improvement in environmental performance through the formation of COSIA.
  • Provide visible leadership and accountability both within our individual companies and within our broader alliance.
  • Drive to accelerate improvement in environmental performance as measured from a baseline in the priority areas of Tailings, Water, Land, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Collaborate with governments and other stakeholders to execute a world-class regional environmental monitoring program.
  • Accelerate the pace and scope of environmental innovation, working with a broad range of participants within and outside of Canada.
  • Allocate multi-year human and financial resources, and initiate, participate in, or lead projects within COSIA’s mandate, thereby contributing equitably to achieve our goals.
  • Listen, respond to, and work with stakeholders who aspire to our vision, and address evolving regional needs and conditions.
  • Assess and drive progress, remove barriers, and communicate the performance of COSIA in a transparent fashion.


Energy Savings for Business will help eligible Alberta businesses reduce emissions, decrease operating costs, grow their operations and become more competitive, while creating skilled jobs and boosting economic recovery.
Recognizing that time is money to Alberta’s businesses, the program will offer streamlined applications, quick turnaround times, expanded technology lists and clear, timely, comprehensive information. ESB will give businesses fast access to incentives for cost-effective efficiency measures:
• Up to $250,000 is available per project
• Up to $1 million per parent company is available to cover the cost of products and services.
• Minimum incentive amount of $500 *NEW
The readymade menu of incentives will save companies time and money in developing their projects.






Alberta Environmental Network

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

We are a network of individuals and groups working together on shared concerns. AEN members include individuals and representatives from member groups that connect, collaborate and share information.

The AEN is a link between the environmental community and government, industry, the media and all Albertans. View our current member groups.


Alberta Ecotrust

Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between the corporate sector and the environmental community. Together, we invest in the people and projects that protect the natural systems we rely on for life and prosperity.

We achieve this goal through three main programs: environmental grant making, capacity building, and community collaboration. Together, we fund non-profit environmental projects, strengthen the ability of the voluntary sector to affect positive environmental change, and promote the environment as the foundation of a healthy community.

Our Vision

Healthy ecosystems for all Albertans

Our Mission

We partner across boundaries to mobilize and inspire those who champion and protect the environment.


2 Billion Trees: Planting today, to grow our tomorrow #2BillionTrees

2 billion trees over 10 years is one part of our commitment to nature-based climate solutions

The 2 Billion Trees (2BT) program aims to motivate and support new tree planting projects. Over the next 10 years, up to $3.2 billion will be invested in tree planting efforts to support provinces, territories, third-party organizations (for and not-for profit) and Indigenous organizations to plant two billion trees across Canada.

Clean Technology


CRIN Logo Single

Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

We are a pan-Canadian network focused on ensuring Canada’s energy resources can be sustainably developed and integrated into the global energy supply. By identifying industry challenges, we create a market pull to accelerate commercialization and wide spread clean technology adoption by bringing together industries, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, governments and many others.

We enable energy solutions that will be applied across Canadian industries, and with the potential for global export, to increase competitiveness and decrease GHG emissions from source to end use. We facilitate connections, partnerships, amplifying ideas and expertise to produce unexpected solutions for global challenges.

We believe in making the AND conversation – energy development AND environmental stewardship – a reality that will have local, national and international benefits.

The Clean Resource Innovation Network’s (CRIN) ambition is to make Canada a global leader in the energy transformation.

Emissions Reduction Alberta

ERA was created in 2009 to help deliver on the province’s environmental and economic goals. ERA takes action on climate change and supports economic growth by investing in the pilot, demonstration and deployment of clean technology solutions that reduce GHGs, lower costs, attract investment, and create jobs in Alberta.



Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre is a partnership of Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Government of Alberta. We care about how a changing climate impacts Alberta. We provide funding, technical assistance, and education to municipalities, schools, and community organizations, helping them lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve climate resilience. Since 2009, our award-winning work has supported hundreds of projects.


About ACTia

Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance

Founded in 2011, the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance (ACTia) is the only province-wide and industry-focused group working to support Albertans developing clean technology (“cleantech”) — products and services that improve economic performance and reduce environmental footprint.

ACTia is the leading voice for Alberta’s cleantech sector; fostering local and global connections between technology developers, entrepreneurs, investors and customers; and is accelerating industry development.

Ensuring our members lead the way in clean technologies will help sustain regional economic growth. ​

ACTia has joined forces with Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre and will be known as Foresight Alberta as of September 2021.


Clean Energy Improvement Program

Accessing affordable financing is one of the biggest barriers property owners face when deciding to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades.

The Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) is a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)-style program that helps people make energy efficient upgrades to their properties without having to put money down. The cost of the upgrade is recovered through the owner’s property taxes.

Property owners who choose to make improvements would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, stimulate local economies and save money on their energy bills.