Company Resources


  1. Project description – state your project goals clearly
  2. Deliverable – clearly state what the actual project deliverable is to be
  3. Quality criteria – what does done look like (is it quantifiable)?
  4. Time expectations – when must it be done (date and / or time)
  5. Technologies – what technologies will be used? Will the intern have access to these technologies?
  6. Workspace – will the intern work in person or remotely?
  7. Example – is there an example of a similar product that shows what the final result should look like?
  8. Project team – who will be involved in the work?
  9. Intern / contractor skills – what specific skills must the intern have?
  10. Management – who will oversee the work? Who will mentor the intern?
  11. How much time is this expected for this oversight?
  12. Additional support – who else can the intern go to for help?
  13. Communication – how many meetings will be expected of the intern?
  14. Logistics – where will project files, documents, code etc. live?
  15. Documentation – aside from the actual product, what other documents are important?
  16. Will there be a post mortem?