ABTEC Companies 2020

ABTEC Companies are continuously hiring. We profile 30 of them each month along with their open posting(s) for that month.

December 2020

4Technoze Ltd
Marketspace: Healthcare AI
4Technoze provides medical diagnosis technology (image processing with deep learning) through Computer Vision AI Technology.
Posting (Edmonton)
Business Analyst

Marketspace: AI-enabled Solutions
AlphaLayer is focused on driving innovations across all areas of the investment management industry from back to front-office by building solutions that drive operational efficiencies, generate innovations in risk management, and create unique sources of investment returns.
Posting (Edmonton)
Data Science Team Lead
Head of Quantitative Research

Asset Market
Marketspace: Industrial Automation
Asset Market is a promising technology startup with the mission to accelerate the delivery of smart and connected communities by facilitating the process for site acquisition between asset owners and service providers. 
Posting (Calgary)
Senior Technical Lead / Developer

Attain Solutions
Marketspace: ERP
We are one of the leading providers in Canada for Higher Education and Public Sector ERP and business application. Our vision is to help our customers realize the full potential of technology in a wise and cost-effective way. Too often tremendous resources are expended with very little to show for it; our goal is to ensure that our customers have clear road maps for getting the most efficient value out of their investments.
Posting (Edmonton)
Systems Analyst
Solution Developer

Marketspace: Consulting and Business Services
Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital and cloud services, business solutions and design-led experiences on the Microsoft ecosystem. 
Posting (Calgary)
Data Engineering Consultant

Marketspace: Car Share
Communauto is a Canadian carsharing company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that operates in fourteen Canadian cities and Paris, France. As of March 2018, it had 40,000 users, and a fleet of approximately 2,000 free-floating and station-based vehicles.
Posting (Edmonton)
Experienced Developer, Mobile and Front-End Technology

Game Pill Inc.
Marketspace: Gaming 
Game Pill Inc. is an interactive studio that specializes in online game development and interactive marketing. Based out of Canada, Game Pill is a small boutique studio of animators, programmers and art directors. Game Pill Inc. has entertained audiences in many mediums including touch screen kiosk development, online experiences and most notably online games and e-learning. Game Pill has mainly worked bringing the properties of Fortune 500 companies to life and currently in the process of creating their own properties for licensing. 
Posting (Calgary)
Game Programmer

Marketspace: FinTech
Katipult is a global distributed Fintech company that is growing rapidly and pushing innovation with our product and with our processes as an organization. We provide cloud-based infrastructure that allows firms in alternative investments to design, setup, and manage an investment platform.
Posting (Calgary)
QA Analyst

Mad Pirate Productions
Marketspace: Arts & Entertainment 
Posting (Calgary)
App Developer

Medlior Health Outcomes Research
Marketspace: Health
We work with pharmaceutical companies around the world, including global teams and in-country affiliates from Canada, the US, the UK, and Europe. Our research and consulting services are driven by a focus on methodological rigour. In addition to working with the private sector, we support several research projects undertaken by public section organizations, as well as pursue grant funding to undertake our own research. Our projects leverage a powerful combination of capabilities in health economics, outcomes research, market access, medical writing, data analytics, and epidemiology.
Posting (Calgary)
Data Scientist

Marketspace: Audio conferencing systems
Our customers just want to get down to work – no hassles, no drama, no user manual. So we develop innovative audio conferencing systems that make it easy to stay connected, from anywhere.
Posting (Calgary)
Intermediate-Senior USB Host Software Developer

November 2020

Marketspace: Management Consulting and Software Development
Belca Soft Corporation is a management consulting and software development company based in Calgary, Alberta. We use our extensive expertise in oil & gas industry to provide qualified consulting services in a timely and professional manner at the same time maximizing customer value. We quickly discovered a lack of functionality needed by the Oilfield Industry and addressed those needs. Since the company’s establishment we’ve solved a bunch of real businesses problems and delivered efficient software solutions that enforce the day to day operations of our clients.
Posting (Calgary)
Software Developer

Marketspace: Accounting Technology
Bench Accounting, Inc., branded as Bench, is a technology company that specializes in automating accounting tasks, specifically bookkeeping, for small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. Unlike traditional accounting solutions, the company provides subscription access to proprietary, cloud-based software in combination with in-house bookkeepers to serve their clients.
Posting (Alberta) 
Engineer 3 (Intermediate Software Engineer)

Box Clever
Marketspace: Web Design
Box Clever is an award-winning web design company based in Alberta. We’re a friendly, welcoming team of people that love what we do — tackling web projects with innovation, creativity, and well-defined strategies.
Posting (Edmonton)
Front End Developer

Marketspace: Information Technology
C4i is a privately held Canadian company whose vision is to make the world safe through training and technology. We deliver Software Products, eLearning Solutions and Professional Services for all levels of government and commercial organizations across defence, public safety and homeland security.
Posting (Calgary)
Intermediate Software Tester

Cohesic Inc
Marketspace: Business
A Decision Intelligence Company. We seek cohesion across all points of healthcare data to improve clinical decisions and patient care.
Posting (Calgary)
Professional Services Business Analyst
Collaboration Coordinator

Computer Modelling Group
Marketspace: Business
CMG’s focus on reservoir simulation means we’re at the forefront in simulating new recovery methods and developing innovative ways to help you overcome existing technological barriers to reach your strategic goals.
Posting (Calgary)
Development Operations Specialist
Quality Assurance – CoFlow

Marketspace: IoT / Fleet Tracking
Geotab is a global leader in IoT and connected transportation and certified “Great Place to Work.” We are a company of diverse and talented individuals who work together to help businesses grow and succeed and increase the safety and sustainability of our communities.
Posting (Edmonton)
Compliance Specialist

Marketspace: Software Developer HR
We help developers get their next job at a fast-paced startup by evaluating their skills, providing tailored feedback, and landing interviews for them.
Posting (Calgary)
Full Stack Developer

Microhard Systems
Marketspace: IoT Innovation
Microhard has a position open for a Senior Software/Firmware Developer to join our R&D team at our Calgary, Canada office. The successful candidate will be responsible for
the design, verification, and release of Software & firmware for various projects. This will include the design of software and/or firmware for Broadband and LTE routers. The
candidate(s) must possess strong communication skills, careful attention to detail and a team-oriented attitude.
Posting (Calgary)
Software Developer

Metalogic Inspection
Marketspace: Inspection Innovation
You will be a vital part of the Metalogic Software development team that strives to develop, refine, and deliver net-new features as well as improvements to existing functions. You will be a key contributor to overall growth and odoption of existing proprietary software, and be adaptable to changes and demonstrate ability in learning a variety of software technologies. You have a strong work ethic and a cut-no-corners attitude, with the ability to work collaboratively with a high level of communication.
Posting (Edmonton)
Senior Developer

mmHg Inc.
Marketspace: Medical Device
mmHg Inc. is a physician-led, university-based, digital health company helping patients and providers monitor health and follow evidence-based care. We create low-cost, widely scalable software solutions that increase clinical efficiency, facilitate best practice, and generate revenue.
Open Position (Edmonton)
Software/Digital Designer

Mobiltex Data
Marketspace: IoT
Mobiltex is an IoT company that enables our clients to remotely monitor critical assets using our industry leading data collection, transmission and analysis platforms. Corrosion specialists everywhere rely on us for our innovative solutions and superior customer support to maintain asset integrity. We’ve been leading the way in cathodic monitoring and data analysis through thousands of miles of pipelines in North America and continue to expand our market presence within the industry.
Posting (Calgary)
Embedded Development Engineer – Product Sustaining

Mobile Data Technologies
Marketspace: Data Analytics
MDT has become the leader in control systems for a variety of equipment in the oil and gas industry. Using a combination of hardware and software controls, their unique, easy-to-use control interfaces are in high demand. By building on a core framework of control and HMI software, they are rapidly deploying an increasing number of control applications to an expanding market.
Open Position (Edmonton)
Senior Software Developer

Marketspace: Digital Publishing
MonetizeMore builds industry leading ad technology that is seen by more than 300M people per month. The company has been running for 10 years achieving consistent double digit growth each year with a team of 100+ team members spread across the globe.MonetizeMore offers location and schedule freedom to every one of its team members. That means that you would have the lifestyle autonomy to choose to work from anywhere in the world, during the time of day you prefer. This new-age work lifestyle would enable you to engineer your ideal lifestyle. Say goodbye to endless commutes, stuffy business attire and the arbitrary 9 – 5 work day. Take your life back into your hands by joining the MonetizeMore team!
Posting (Wetaskiwin/Leduc)
Data Engineer

Marketspace: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
We apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to significantly improve energy efficiency. We are currently running a Smart Energy Benchmarking pilot program. By providing you with key metrics, we are able to show you areas of wasted energy and provide suggestions on how you can lower your greenhouse gas emissions.
Posting (Sherwood Park)
DevOps/AWS Engineer

PSCL – Process Solutions Canada
Marketspace: Industrial Automation
We are a leading supplier of software and automation services to the global cement industry. Since 1985, PSCL has provided advanced control, laboratory management and automated shipping systems around the world. We are successful because we listen to our customers, take pride in what we do, and have an amazing team. We’re also proud to be an Edmonton-based business in a global market.
Posting (Edmonton)
Sales Representative

Marketspace: Supply Chain
Routeique exists to bring end-to-end order management to the supply chain. Our platform contains web-based software, mobile applications, IoT devices as well as multiple integrations with leading 3rd party systems.
Posting (Calgary)
Senior Web Software Developer

Marketspace: Physical Fitness
For the purpose-driven athlete aspiring to their highest potential, Sidekick ensures you can outperform yesterday by developing the highest quality muscle recovery tools trusted by professional athletes around the world. Sidekick has developed a mobile app that interfaces with a consumer IoT device via Bluetooth. The company is now looking for a Lead Software Developer to enhance and develop this app.
Posting (Edmonton)
Lead Software Developer

Shifty Eye Games
Marketspace: Computer Games
Shifty Eye Games, based in Calgary, Canada, is a collaborative effort between some of the most passionate veterans in the gaming industry.
Posting (Calgary)
Game Level Designer

SMS Equipment
Marketspace: Mining Technology
SMS Equipment holds a unique position in the industry as a one-stop supplier of a broad range of equipment. We offer only world-renowned brand names that meet your standards of reliability and productivity. We also offer a select range of production attachments for various market segments within the Construction, Forestry, Road & Mineral, and Mining industries.
Posting (Acheson)
Autonomous Haulage Solutions (AHS) Support Engineer or EIT

SVR Automation Intelligence
Marketspace: IIoT and AI
SVR Automation Intelligence takes Automation far beyond the plant floor. Our expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives us the ability to help our clients make fast informed decisions based on real data. We put the Right Data into the Correct Hands within your corporation. The result is you’re able to produce a better product, faster, with a higher customer satisfaction rate than everyone else.
Posting (Red Deer)
Online Game Developer

Marketspace: Construction Technology
Teknobuilt is a company that provides services and solutions with a specific focus on the execution phase of projects. Our core expertise is Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning based methods as recommended by CII and COAA best practices guaranteed to reduce total installed costs. The current methods and systems are usually geared to reduce labor and material costs. However, one of the biggest challenge in projects is ever increasing indirect costs. Teknobuilt provides innovative methods and systems to manage and reduce indirect costs, giving you meaningful and measurable advantages.
Posting (Calgary)
Data Scientist

Titan Logix Corp.
Marketspace: Fluid Management Solutions
Titan Logix Corp. is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative fluid measurement and management solutions. We are a leading provider of Guided Wave Radar (GWR) gauges for level measurement and overfill prevention, primarily for use in the mobile tanker truck market, level gauges for storage tanks, and communication systems for remote alarming and control.
Posting (Edmonton)
Full Stack Cloud Developer 

Marketspace: Agri-Food
TrustBIX is a technology company whose vision is to become the most recognized and trusted 3rd-Party validation of food traceability worldwide. Through a combination of technology platforms, consulting services, and hardware combined with an innovation-based business model, TrustBIX will ensure that consumers making purchase decisions based on food attributes important to them can trust that those claims are valid. 
Posting (Edmonton)
Business Analyst

Visual-Eyes Software
Marketspace: Software Development
Visual-Eyes is the industry leading practice management software for the Optometric eye care business in Canada. We have clients coast to coast and are looking for new Web Developers to join our current Red Deer team. All levels of experience will be considered from new grads to seasoned Team Leads.
Posting (Red Deer)
Web Developer (All Experience Levels)

 Virtual Reality
We go beyond stationary VR booths or space-limited home-use. We work with partners in cities across the world to offer something truly special: free-roam, room-scale virtual reality that people enjoy with their friends. We go beyond stationary VR booths or space-limited home-use. We work with partners in cities across the world to offer something truly special: free-roam, room-scale virtual reality that people enjoy with their friends.
Posting (Edmonton)
Junior 3D Game Developer Intern

October 2020

AdvEn Industries
Marketspace: Clean Technology
Founded in October 2011 and headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, AdvEn Industries Inc. is a clean tech company that utilizes locally-abundant bitumen resources, develops and commercializes high performance materials and their derivatives for hi-tech applications.
Posting (Edmonton)
Commercial Demonstration R&D Engineer / Scientist

Canada One Auto Group
Marketspace: Auto Dealership
Canada One Auto Group (COAG) has a portfolio of dealerships that supply & service the most well recognized, high-quality OEM brands in Canada. Our vision is, simply, to be the best that we can be in every facet of our business. We pursue a simple strategy of support for our local communities, operational excellence through local Dealer Partners, and sensible growth through acquisitions. Our culture is unique, entrepreneurial, and focused on continuous improvement.
Posting (Edmonton)
Director, Analytics Implementation & Data Integrity

Cashco Financial
Marketspace: Financial Service
Cashco is an innovative leader in the alternative finance industry. We offer a full suite of financial products, loans and banking services to under-banked and under-served Canadians both online and through our network of 54 branches in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.
Posting (Edmonton)
Junior Software Developer

Dakota Analytics
Marketspace: Analytics
Dakota Analytics is a BI consulting firm made up of a winning group of developers and business analysis experts. We are a highly-skilled, energetic group of individuals with a close-knit positive culture.
Posting (Calgary)
Intermediate BI and Analytics Developer

Dynasty Power Inc.
Marketspace: Energy
Dynasty Power Inc. was founded in 2011 by a group of traders, a computer programmer, and an accountant, all of whom are experts in their fields with extensive experience working directly in the energy trading industry.
Posting (Calgary)
Junior Developer

Marketspace: Social services
Enviros is a Calgary-based social services agency that delivers programming to: Children and teens who require intensive short- and long-term live-in programs, young adults in need of wilderness addiction treatment, Albertans of all ages diagnosed with FASD, young adults transitioning out of “the system”, and the families and caregivers of all of these individuals.
Posting (Calgary)
Sr. Data Scientist

Marketspace: Technology
We make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside. We bring GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. We think every day is an opportunity to innovate, and a chance to beat yesterday.
Posting (Cochrane)
Biosensors Algorithm Software Engineer

Marketspace: E-Commerce Technology
Gooten is a technology company that enables eCommerce businesses to easily access high-quality, global, on-demand manufacturing. We give businesses the tools to create products to sell online and manage orders across a multitude of stores and sales channels. Businesses powered by Gooten can source and identify new products and trends, run promotions, and track analytics on new and repeat purchasers, while focusing business efforts on what drives revenues – creating, developing and marketing brands and products.
Posting (Alberta)
Backend Software Engineer (Clojure)

mcThings Inc.
Marketspace: IoT
mcThings Inc. (‘measure & control’ Things) is a well-funded start-up in the rapidly growing IoT space. mcThings is expanding its low cost IoT platform enabling individuals and companies get value from IoT faster.
Posting (Cochrane)
Mobile Application Developer

Marketspace: Software & Service
MuniSight is a fast-growing and award-winning technology company that serves small urban and rural municipal governments across Canada. We are a customer driven municipal service provider, dedicated to helping small urban and rural municipalities. We are a trusted advisor for over 100 Canadian municipalities, helping to find efficiencies and improve service delivery through integrating business systems and creating an interdepartmental hub.
Posting (Edmonton)
Junior Software Developer
Business Development Specialist

NexSource Power
Markespace: Electrical & Fabrication
From humble beginnings in 2009 of a three man crew based out of a basement office, to a present day workforce of over a hundred, it’s been a dream come true for NexSource Power. In less than a decade we have grown from that basement office, to multiple locations spread across Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Whether it’s Power Generation, Electrical, Instrumentation, or Automation, we have you covered. Offering turnkey solutions to simplify and optimize your project is what we do best.
Posting (Edmonton)
Branch Administrator

Pengcorp Ltd
Marketspace: Engineering
Pengcorp is a consortium of highly dedicated and talented engineers providing specialized services to industrial enterprises throughout the regions of North and South America. Our talents have been engraved into mid to large-size projects in Western Canada and many places around the globe.
Posting (Calgary)
Lead, IT/OT Architecture & Cybersecurity Engineer

Pergasus Imagery
Marketspace: Aviation Technology
Pegasus is actively developing the technology and people necessary to create an equilibrium between humanity and our environment through an intelligence-driven approach to our biggest challenges. We are recruiting for talented, highly motivated individuals looking for the challenge of a lifetime. We’re redefining the future of airborne remote sensing and unlocking access to high quality, actionable data for any industry. Integrated with our Autonomous Airspace Awareness System (A3S), Pegasus systems detect, track and avoid potential airborne hazards, unlocking the skies for autonomous systems to safely collect and deliver results.
Posting (Sturgeon County)
Software Engineer

POD Marketing
Marketspace: Marketing
Client Marketing Directors are the idea people, the brains behind the operations. They work closely with our clients to develop and craft 3 month marketing plans, designed to generate high yielding ROI. They understand numbers, trends and people.
Posting (Calgary)
Jr. Marketing Scientist

Provision Analytics
Marketspace: Analytics
Transform data into intelligence that improves trust in our food-supply chain. Our vision is to create a complete food supply picture, from farm to fork, open, honest and transparent to all.
Posting (Calgary)
Front End Developer

Punchcard Systems
Marketspace: IT Service
With Punchcard, we work with industry leaders and innovators to change how people think about data. By focusing on needs, rather than technology, we transform your business. Our team is focused on delivering technology and software for enterprise and mid-market businesses, with expertise in mobile apps, data and dashboards, systems integration, cloud, and building digital workplaces using Microsoft’s Office 365 and Power Platform.
Posting (Edmonton)
Web developer
Full-stack Developer
Solution Specialist
UX/UI Designer

Shift Psychological
Marketspace: Health & Wellness
Shift is a game-changer in the world of life optimization. The first boutique psychology provider to bring a client-facing branded therapy approach to the high performing consumer. We are results-driven mind trainers for people who hate barriers.
Posting (Edmonton)
Junior Web Developer

Silver Creek Software
Marketspace: IT Service
Silver Creek is a dynamic Edmonton-based IT services firm specializing in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data Integration, Application Development and Technology Support. As Edmonton’s leading BI consultancy we invest to make sure our team is at the forefront of ideas and innovations by attending leading conferences and training opportunities so we can help our clients with their ever changing challenges.
Posting (Edmonton)
Senior Business Intelligence Architect and Team Lead

Marketspace: Technology
Sonar is an enterprise, B2B SaaS product, targeted towards ISPs. It provides numerous features for ISPs such as billing, ticketing, network monitoring, inventory management, scheduling, service provisioning, and more.It’s no accident that the Sonar platform reflects our values as a company. We too are modern, agile, and collaborative. Our number one goal is helping customers grow their businesses. And that’s not just a slogan. We’ve put our money where our mouth is.
Posting (Debolt)
Remoted Back End Developer

Marketspace: Recruitment Agency
We commit to locating that specialized talent for your temporary support or for short and long-term project needs. We commit to doing all we can to match the perfect candidate to your permanent position. We are all about helping job seekers find employment and companies find the right talent.
Posting (Edmonton)
Chief AI Scientist

Marketspace: Fintech
Thirdstream is building cutting-edge infrastructure for banks and credit unions and is seeking amazing people to join a great team. The technology supporting the world of finance is a dynamic force for financial institutions and at thirdstream we are developing key infrastructure for acquisition, authentication and origination strategies for leading financial institutions and money service businesses in North America.
Posting (Red Deer)
Intermediate .NET Developer

Marketspace: Analytics
Tignis provides Physics-Driven Analytics for Connected Industrial Systems, utilizing digital twin and machine learning technologies. Our solution automatically monitors and learns industrial systems, continuously detects threats to reliability and efficiency, and precisely identifies and predicts operational impacts. We currently monitor hundreds of plants worldwide.
Posting (Calgary)
Senior Systems Architect

Total Systems Solutions Consulting
Marketspace: Information Technology
TOTAL SYSTEMS specialize in Information Technology consulting since 1995 and has effectively engaged and recruited Information Technology candidates for public and private organizations across North America.
Posting (Calgary)
Solutions Analyst – Windows 10 Upgrade

Web-Lan Systems
Marketspace: Information Technology
Having a team of IT professionals at your fingertips isn’t a luxury reserved for large corporations. At WebLAN, we have the experienced technical professionals you need to meet your IT needs.
Posting (Calgary)
User Support Technician

White Whale
Marketspace: Analytics
To build augmented intelligence solutions that empower businesses to make data driven decisions and master their domain using less time, space and energy.
Posting (Calgary)
Intermediate Full Stack Developer

Y Station
Marketspace: Market Research
Y Station Communications & Research (formerly Banister Research) is an Edmonton-based market research company that does surveys and other research for a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, including the City of Edmonton, the Government of Alberta and others. Types of research/survey work includes customer and resident satisfaction, polling and public opinion studies, public consultation on civic topics like bike lanes or traffic concerns, etc.
Posting (Edmonton)
Junior Research

Zallat Inc
Marketspace: Grocery Delivery
Zallat is a grocery delivery startup based in Calgary, Alberta. Our mission is to reinvent the grocery aisle and so improve the lives of people! We are currently recruiting a Backend Developer to join our team.
Posting (Edmonton)
Backend Developer

Zenith System Solutions
Marketspace: IT Service
Zenith System Solutions is an innovative IT Services and Solutions Provider helping clients across the globe achieve consistent results. Inspire – Innovate – Deliver are the three action words that precisely define us.
Posting (Edmonton)
Full Stack Developer