ABTEC 2000 Initiative

The mission of the ABTEC 2000 is to retain top-caliber talent in Alberta in order to strengthen and grow strong technology companies.

The Need We Satisfy

  • We have a track record of educating tech talent in Alberta, but having them move elsewhere due to the perception that there are not sufficient local receptor capacity (investment in tech education spending is not being recuperated and therefore will be hard to justify increases)
  • Technology companies are recognizing the fact that they need good talent (and in some instances, having difficulty finding top talent)
  • Multi-national companies (like Google and Facebook) are easy to identify, and thus students move to the United States for these jobs – even though when polled, they say that they would rather stay in Alberta
  • High tech computing employment opportunities is prevalent in Alberta but not perceived as such – the companies are often small (but plentiful) and often do not have products that are marketed to the general public; thus, overall awareness is low.