When working remotely, it can be easy to miss how our day-to-day work directly impacts the success of the business. Regardless of experience level, new team members being onboarded bring an opportunity for companies to share an environment of connection and integration, both in their daily work responsibilities and within team dynamics.

Consideration should be given to in-person onboarding as a means of forging links between new and existing team members. Not only will a new team member get a better understanding of the roles different team members play, but it’s easier to ask questions of people you know rather than people that you don’t.

When the majority of staff work remotely, it’s important to bring team members together regularly. Through opportunities such as regular team meetings (such as weekly or monthly) or a co-working space for team members to meet as needed, in-person collaboration allows for ideas to take root and grow. They also provide an opportunity for role modeling and mentoring to happen through immersion rather than just through set meeting times.

In-Person vs. Remote: Students Share Their Ideal “After Graduation “ Work Preferences

Fresh from successful engineering capstone projects, 2 students shared their enthusiasm for in-person collaboration and hands-on experience, highlighting the invaluable learning opportunities that come from working alongside others. When asked what their ideal workplace environment would be after graduation- they stated their strong interest in the in-person experience, much preferred over their remote-learning experiences during COVID.

Employer Insight – Building Stronger Teams

Employers note that employees who prefer in-person work are extremely valuable, emphasizing that face-to-face interactions in small to medium companies not only accelerate team bonding but also enhance resilience against regular work pressures, improve mentoring frequency, and strengthen relationships. Senior personnel find it significantly easier to offer guidance and share experiences directly.

Learning together means growing together

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