From Successful Interviews to Successful Employees

Whether your successful interview resulted in an internship or a full-time position at a tech SMB (small-to-medium business), it’s important to continue to demonstrate the energy that made you shine during your interview throughout your employment. Now is not the time to let yourself settle into cruise control! FIRST Jobs employers that have gone on to hire their interns into full-time positions have all spoken about the dedication the interns had to their work, as well as their desire to learn and share their ideas.

When you’re working for a start-up or small business, the work you do is highly visible. The company is relying on each member of the team to contribute in order to help the company grow and succeed. It’s important for you to understand why you were hired, and to learn all you can about your company’s clients and its product/service. The more you learn, the more you’ll be able to contribute!

It’s also important to develop and nurture connections with your colleagues, be a part of the team, and to maintain a positive relationship with them after your employment ends with the organization. Those colleagues may one day become a reference, a client, or a business partner. And also remember to be a champion of Alberta tech companies where ever you go – as you are an important part of Alberta’s future, and building our tech community.

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