What’s holding Tech Companies back from hiring?

Technology Alberta’s Talent Team is addressing a critical issue facing Alberta businesses: staffing shortages. Recent data reveals that a majority (60%) of businesses across the province continue to grapple with significant staffing shortages, leading to low productivity and growth.

Understanding the Challenge:

Whether due to skill mismatches, labor market fluctuations, or demographic shifts, many businesses are struggling to fill essential roles, hindering their ability to meet demand and expand operations. The global pandemic exacerbated these challenges, underscoring the need for innovative solutions to bridge the talent gap.

Response: Supporting Alberta’s Tech SMB’s – addressing Talent Shortage

In working with the hundred’s of Alberta Tech SMB’s (Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses) through both the FIRST Jobs Program (for student/new graduate talent) and the NExT Level Program (for professionals of all ages) – Technology Alberta found many common themes, regarding “what was holding companies back from hiring?”.

  • Limited In-house HR Resources or Expertise
  • Time Limitations to Recruit – due to the many competing company priorities
  • Concern on Hiring the “Wrong Fit” (Need to de-risk – through improved hiring processes)
  • Challenges in Attracting Talent – (Volume and caliber of candidates)
  • Budget/Need for Fractional Personnel – (Often for highly qualified roles).

Alberta Entrepreneur Feedback: Impact of Talent Shortages

Credit: “Impact of Staffing Shortages”, The Strategic Council – A Report To Alberta Chamber of Commerce Labour Shortage Survey

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