In our recent travels, we continue to hear that attracting Talent is a core need and priority for companies of all sizes – from Corporates in Energy, to Alberta’s Tech SMB’s (Small-to-Medium-Sized-Businesses).

Talent fit for our SMB’s was discussed in our recent Focus on Talent: Skills-Based Hiring for the Tech Sector newsletter, but as well our tech companies face the added challenge of competing against the ever-increasing salaries and benefits that larger organizations can offer. What are some of the other ways you can position your company to attract the talent you need?

Working for a small tech company has many benefits, such as: multifaceted roles that offer broad and varied work; opportunity to interact directly with dynamic company founders and leaders; and a chance to make a big impact and to contribute to growing Alberta’s tech sector. However, these benefits are not often shared with potential employees during the attraction and acquisition process.

Most people equate the phrase “job posting” with what is really just a job description: a list of the tasks required by the role and the qualifications needed to apply for it. Instead, create a job advertisement that demonstrates why someone would want to work for your company. This advertisement can be used to highlight the following information:

  • how will their work impact the company
  • what will they learn in the role
  • their level of autonomy
  • the company’s greater goals, and growth culture
  • potential profit-sharing or company equity-sharing over time

In conjunction with the benefits discussed above, other non-monetary perks such as flexibility in their daily work schedule, remote/hybrid work options, network-building opportunities, volunteer hours support, longer vacation periods or available work-sabbaticals, creative office environments, professional development/course opportunities, employee recognition and team building practices should be communicated. These perks can be part of the job advertisement, and should also be emphasized during an interview.

In summary, there are many reasons for employees to want to work in a team that is part of a small dynamic business. Making the effort to communicate these benefits can attract the type of individuals you need to grow your company: those who want to see your company succeed as much as you do!

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