Work Terms Foster Company & Sector Growth

The focus of student work terms is often on the benefits that students receive: valuable real-world experience in a workplace, mentorship from knowledgeable individuals in their industry, and the opportunity to further refine their career path goals. However, the value of these work placements for Alberta tech companies should not be overlooked – since many are growth-stage companies, thus these positions are incremental, leading to permanent and new jobs in our economy.

How do work terms help entrepreneurs and industry?

  • Access to bright talent from post secondaries across the province and faculties
  • The chance to become a mentor to a student aspiring to work in Alberta’s tech sector
  • Engage with Technology Alberta’s community, and network with the other FIRST Jobs employers who could become business partners, customers, collaborators, suppliers, or more.
  • De-risk hiring process with various levels of funding support and matching requirements

Also, a significant benefit of hiring a former intern into a permanent position is that they’re already familiar with the company and its processes, and can step right into being productive in their role – in addition to the new strength and energy they bring. This productivity helps the company to grow and succeed, which in turn strengthens the Alberta economy.

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