Finding the right Business Development (BD) talent to grow an entrepreneurial tech company is one of the biggest challenges and barriers to growth. One effective strategy is to invest in your current staff from the onset, as BD may be a skillset of interest – if they have the aptitude. In general, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning and growth by providing resources and opportunities for employees.

Measuring the ROI of Training, Upskilling, and Reskilling Employees

8 Key Training ROI Metrics Include:

  1. Greater Employee Engagement
  2. Improved Employee Retention
  3. Increased Productivity
  4. Improved Tech Implementation and Usage
  5. Skills Development 
  6. Revenue Growth
  7. Improved Margins
  8. Greater Innovation 

While measuring the ROI of training requires a thoughtful approach, once companies understand what works and what doesn’t, they can direct investments in a way that maximizes impact for both employees and the organization at large. (Original article by Emeritus, January 2024)

Certification programs are an excellent way to enrich talent. These programs enhance employees’ skill sets and validate or expand their expertise in a specific area. This not only boosts the employees’ professional growth but also adds a seal of quality to the organization’s capabilities, reassuring the organization of their employees’ high standards.

Additionally, embracing micro-credential programs such as the ‘I Heart Alberta Tech Product Management’ course offers targeted learning opportunities. It prepares your teams to scale products effectively, harnessing critical best practices in the tech world. Moreover, organizations can benefit significantly from the Canada-Alberta Jobs Grant, which covers up to 66% of course fees, making it an accessible choice for many tech entrepreneurial companies.

Lastly, providing clear career advancement opportunities is crucial. Employees are more likely to stay when they see a future within the organization. Organizations can significantly improve their retention of tech talent by outlining potential career paths and providing the necessary support to achieve these goals.

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