Expanding research at the University of Lethbridge

Mike Mahon, Kim Stanford, Michele Konschuh, MLA Nathan Neudorf (back), Shelley Hoover and Minister Dreeshen (front) announce the transition of agriculture research programs to the University of Lethbridge.

In July, Alberta’s government and the University of Lethbridge signed a $1.8-million agreement, which saw three programs transferred to the university and provided it with the financial capacity to recruit three researchers.

The research programs that now reside with the University of Lethbridge are:

  • Apiculture and pollination
  • Specialty crops and irrigation research
  • Vegetable irrigation and potato production

The three researchers who have joined the university are:

  • Shelley Hoover, apiculture and pollination
  • Michele Konschuh, irrigated crops
  • Kim Stanford, livestock pathogens

These researchers bring world-leading experience and expertise to the university and will create even greater learning experiences for students. Welcoming these researchers to the university brings together multiple disciplines and opens up even more chances for collaboration.

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