Technology Alberta’s FIRST Jobs Program is supported by:

Technology Alberta’s FIRST Jobs Program is supported by the Government of Alberta.

Technology Alberta is thankful for the support of our Community Partners, who offer their time, expertise and mentorship of our volunteers to build needed infrastructure or help deliver our programs. Interested in becoming a Community Partner? Contact

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Business Networking: – Bitwide 
Company Description
: BitWide combines proven traditional sales methods with new-age digital targeted approaches – to deliver sales opportunities for growing technology companies.
Interesting FACT: BitWide started as OfficeJobs, a personnel recruiting provider for Alberta tech SME’s – and achieved significant growth by partnering with their customers to deliver customer growth through increased sales.

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Inclusion: – Chandos Construction 
Company Description
: Chandos is the largest B Corp Certified commercial builder in North America and the only one in Canada. A B Corp Certified company is one that’s committed to and continually meets rigorous standards of social and environmental accountability, public transparency, and legal responsibility. 
Interesting FACT:Chandos continues to work with social enterprises like Embers in Vancouver and Women Building Futures in Edmonton, helping hundreds of people on their journey to full-time employment.

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Equity: – Connection Silicon Valley/Canadian Women’s Network 
Company Description
: Connecting Alberta Companies to Silicon Valley networks.
Interesting FACT: Connection Silicon Valley supports – the Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) is a startup community that connects Canadian female founders with women leaders globally.

Coding for Kids! In Person and Online - Discover Coding

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Education & Leadership: – Discover Coding 
Company Description
: Discover Coding was founded by parents who discovered a major gap between their children’s education and the advancing technology around them.Their programs are designed with strategic educational methodologies in mind and filled with hands-on activities, rewarding projects and age-friendly lesson plans.
Interesting FACT:  Discover Coding has won or achieved finalist standing in multiple entrepreneurship events – including events held by Telus and the Scotiabank Total Mom Pitch.

Technology Alberta Community Partner – CRM System Management: – Flawless Inbound 
Company Description: Flawless Inbound is focused on digital transformation for marketing enablement and is Canada’s first and only advanced HubSpot implementation partner.
Interesting FACT:  Flawless Inbound believes in Betterment. Bettering ourselves, bettering our communities — and of course, bettering our businesses. 

Technology Alberta Community Partner – ABTEC3000: – FTP Solutions 
Company Description: 
FTP Solutions supports industrial operations on their digital transformation journey.
Interesting FACT: FTP’s North American head office is in Alberta

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Team Wellness: – Hubudub 
Company Description
: Hubudub’s app provides rewards when you take care of your health and support your community.
Interesting FACT: Hubudub’s Hubs range from Libraries to Aquatic Center

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Website: – Intellimedia 
Company Description: Intellimedia is committed to providing education analytics and integration solutions to help schools power student success. Among our education solutions are Dossier Education Management System, SchoolEngage and InteliLink.
Interesting FACT: Intellimedia has served over 200 schools across Alberta, Canada, the US, and globally.

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Graphics Design and Communications: – Onlea 
Company Description
: Onlea studios designs on-line learning experiences.
Interesting FACT: Onlea is the designer of the Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC)  Indigenous Canada – – More information can be found here and here

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Business Advisory: – TransforMana 
Company Description:
 TransforMana provides professional development support for entrepreneurs at all levels. 
Interesting FACT: TransforMana offers guidance to students across Alberta, who are interested in working for entrepreneurial tech companies. 

VizworX - Creative Destruction Lab

Technology Alberta Community Partner – Community Engagement: – VizworX 
Company Description: VizworX integrates advanced technologies to create innovative and flexible solutions to support human engagement.
Interesting FACT:  
VizworX is a winner of Starta Alberta’s Fast Growth Award and ASTech’s Outstanding Achievement in Applied Technology.

Technology Alberta Community Partner – IT Support: – Willowglen Systems  
Company Description:
 Willowglen produces the SCADACOM SCADA System that operates transportation (LRT/Rail) and Pipeline systems globally.
Interesting FACT: Willowglen has offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Singapore