Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. – Henry Ford


As contributing members we support the ongoing efforts of Technology Alberta. A contributing member is one who volunteers their time, or the time of their employees, to do the work of the association. We encourage everyone to become a contributing member.

Although all work is done by volunteers, Technology Alberta still requires some funding for its day-to-day operations. We support our shared commitment to Technology Alberta with a modest membership fee.

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As members of technology SMEs you:

  • Showcase your company and its products
  • Are introduced to new markets and meet prospective customers
  • Have the opportunity to meet the perfect investor
  • Collaborate with future suppliers and potential employees
  • Are mentored by more seasoned entrepreneurs and mentor others in return
  • Hone your leadership and management skills
  • Strengthen your business acumen
  • Learn about emerging technologies and collaborate with the research community
  • Gain awareness of programs and policies to help you grow your businesses
  • Collaborate on special projects with other members
  • Become an integral part of Alberta’s advanced technology ecosystem