Message from the Board – July 2022

July 21 2022 – Tech and the Changing Landscape of Alberta 
From cities to the country, Alberta is embracing tech.

This is definitely an exciting time for Alberta – and Alberta’s tech sector!!

The city landscapes are actively changing, stemming from the exciting TELUS announcement to Calgary’s new Platform facility, to Edmonton’s newly named Amii (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) tower next to the Google Deepmind offices – Alberta’s tech sector is claiming a prominent profile in our downtowns and in our economies.

And not only is Alberta experiencing tech growth and strength in the cities – but tech is being embraced in Alberta’s country locations as well. Smart farming Expositions are happening in great locations like Olds, but I have to admit what I am finding most surprising is the grass roots use of tech that I recently experienced in Lloydminster.

I was at my cousin’s outdoor wedding (of over 100 people) on the farm, when there was a casual announcement – “Everyone take your seats, and by the way – a drone will be filming the wedding ceremony.” No one in the audience even seemed surprised.

I took the time to talk to my 65-year-old farmer uncle afterwards, who casually went on to state how impressed he was with the automation on the new tractors he was driving – and how the sensors on the equipment helped optimize farming, and crop production overall. Farmers are practical, and are entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their farm business’ productivity – and they are adopting new technologies, perhaps even faster than we thought, and maybe even faster than their city cousins.

Goes to show – you learn something new everyday, if you are open to it.

See you soon everyone!

  Gail Powley, P. Eng
  President, Technology Alberta